Claude Giroux and Wayne Simmonds are Suiting Up Against the Globetrotters on Sunday Because This is a Good Idea

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Just gonna go on record here and say that I don’t think this is a good idea. Hey, the season’s turning around and Claude Giroux is officially in beast mode and he and Wayne Simmonds play basketball in the Wells Fargo Center tunnel before games to get loose so let’s have them suit up in a quasi-professional exhibition match where surely, SURELY they won’t get some ridiculous injury that ruins the Flyers’ Cup chances. Good. Goooood.

We’ll, uh, post that release when it becomes available.


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  1. Flyers cup chances? That’s funny. Have you met Steve Mason, he of a sub 900 sv% since December?

    1. I wouldn’t ask about Mason, instead I would say. Have you met Mr. Coburn, Mr. Streit and Mr. Schenn on the blue line?

      This defense is awful, Mason has played very well. Get a clue.

  2. The odds off the Flyers winning it this year are roughly the odds of the trolls on this comment thread getting laid. If they wanna have some fun, let um.

  3. I think someone forgot to tell Kyle that these are not real games. Totally rigged and probably less exertion than the games played in the halls at the Wells Fargo center. I still liked the Washington Generals name better. The kids like it and I’m sure this is in no way biased by any revenue share the Ed Snider may have with ticket, food and bev sales.

  4. Kyle, you have a few toes back on the bandwagon i see. What’s up with this? 17 & 18 mourning period is finally over?

  5. I agree, this is foolish. Something like this could wait until after the season is over. There’s only a slim chance that these guys would hurt themselves but its still too much to risk for no team reward. Even still, it’ll be the most exciting basketball game played in the stadium in years.

  6. Act like these guys are going to be jumping off trampolines dunking through hoops of fire blindfolded. I guarantee that G and Simmonds practice harder on a daily basis than 99% of basketball players play on any given night so the risk of injury is probably less. The most they will do is jog up and down the court, show what handles they have and dish it to a Globetrotter. Besides, I’m willing to bet that Mr. Snider has made it perfectly clear to all other players involved that their entire family will be slaughtered if anyone so much as breathes too heavily on Giroux or Simmonds. Get over it, pussy.

    1. Promptly remove your crusty lips from Ed Sniders’ old wrinkled backside,and stop calling him Mr Snider.

  7. I’m so glad we have a basketball insider that knows 99% of players don’t work as hard as Simmonds. Give me a f’ing break.

  8. How about Tim Panaccio? What a joke.

    Whenever I catch him on Sportsrise he’s like a deer in headlights. He can barely formulate sentences, looks at and off camera, and has absolutely no confidence. And this is suppose to be CSN’s expert? Christ sakes. This morning he had on a CSN polo shirt and nylon jacket… it looked like Sportsrise was interviewing the cable repair man and not some “Flyers Expert”.

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