DeSean Jackson is Out! DeSean Jackson is Not Out!


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In the out camp, we have slightly-nerdier-looking Jimmy Kimmel, Geoff Mosher of CSN Philly, who says that the Eagles have had it – HAD IT! – with Jackson and his irresponsible behavior of… people breaking into his house while he’s away:

For a variety of reasons, mostly financial, Jackson’s days with the Eagles are likely numbered. His salary this year jumps to more than $10 million and remains over $9 million annually through 2016. His lithe body frame doesn’t really fit with coach Chip Kelly’s preference for big bullies. And despite his world-class speed, Jackson isn’t an irreplaceable piece of Kelly’s spread offense, which also features NFL leading rusher LeSean McCoy and rising tight end Zach Ertz.

Although he’s not nearly the malcontent who, by his own admission, handled his 2011 contract dispute with poor judgment and petulance, Jackson remains an enigmatic figure for a head coach who is agitated quickly by me-first behavior.

According to multiple sources familiar with the team’s thinking, two incidents haven’t gone unnoticed by the front office. First, Jackson lobbied for a new contract less than 48 hours after the team’s first-round playoff loss to the Saints. Then shortly thereafter, police in January reported $250,000 in stolen cash and jewelry along with a handgun from the receiver’s South Philadelphia home during a break-in while Jackson was vacationing.

In the in camp, we have a guy who was once punched by Les Bowen, Jeff McLane of the Inquirer, who says that the Eagles have not had it – NOT HAD IT! – with Jackson and his irresponsible behavior:

Media reports surfaced this week that the Eagles could be open to trading Jackson or that he is one more slipup away from being released, but they are purely speculative, according to several NFL sources.

Jackson is not close to being cut, and even if he was one misstep away from forcing the Eagles to move him, they most certainly would not release him without getting something in return.

The Eagles do not respond to rumors. It wouldn’t be in their best interest to feed a reporter this sort of information without attribution – as a “team source” – because refuting speculation would be acknowledging it.

But after checking in with almost a dozen sources from around the league, it’s clear the Eagles aren’t interested in dealing the 27-year-old Jackson – not by a long shot.

Look, McLane is the Eagles’ go-to guy when they want to leak a story or give their side. He writes for the big boy paper (a sentiment similar to something Lenny Dykstra once said to Frank Fitzpatrick). So consider me skeptical on the Eagles not commenting on this.* However, I’m still inclined to side with McLane here. Mosher’s argument is essentially that Chip Kelly won’t tolerate a player like DeSean Jackson. But this is the NFL– what DeSean does in his free time, to date, is tame compared to other guys on the team and in the league (you can argue that LeSean McCoy and Jason Peters and Riley Cooper are more destructive off the field). It wouldn’t make much sense if the Eagles wanted to part ways with DeSean because he raps. He also catches deep balls, many of them. And despite all his nonsense, he’s a good player. His biggest crime may be the way-too-heavy filters he uses on Instagram.

*Not saying this is the case with McLane, but this is the way it works, folks. Sources close to the team, familiar with the situation are usually the actual person or team or whatever. They can’t speak on the record, but they need their side out there regardless. It’s really not unethical because the net result is information getting out. It’s just the way this thing works. It’s how your sausage is made. And it can be very delicious.


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  1. Geoff Mosher, like most other football reporters comes off as arrogant bc he covers the almighty NFL. Same with guys like Jaws, Dilfer, Cris Carter, etc. Unfortunately thats the norm in football these days. This article almost feels as if its just an attention grabber so people with talk about Mosher. Theres not a chance the Eagles get rid of DeSean. That would be the dumbest move possible, and I dont even really like him. I like him on the field but off the field, he seems a bit off. Jeff McClane seems like hes the most connected when it comes to his “sources”. Mosher can keep writing his articles to get his name out there, but Ill follow the real reporters

    1. Mosher has a retarded ass lisp. He sounds like queeb, and has zero charisma on-air. He’s a zlich

  2. Trade Desean and use that 10 million to go after Jarius Bird or TJ Ward. Then use the first round pick on a wide receiver instead of a safety. Doesnt make sense that we have the highest paid wide receiver corp in the league.

    1. agreed! i have been saying for years that desean jackson is a track star in shoulder pads and therefore he is simply not worth his value. they should drop him, use the saved money to sign bird (maybe ward too) and then draft from this year’s very talented WR class. i want a tall, physical WR. i want someone we can throw a fade to and have them go up and get it. when we get inside the 10, mesean’s speed is neutralized and we have to resort to asinine gimmick plays like brad smith throwing a pass because we do not have a big receiver who can make a catch on a fade.

      1. Whats the point of having all these WRs when your D (specifically secondary) can’t stop anybody. The birds gotta draft heavy on the defensive side of the ball.

  3. Mosher is a puss. I’ve kicked him in the nuts on several tweets but he feels he’s above answering them. He’s a glorified EMB poster really.

  4. All I know is, if they trade him it had better be to an AFC team, and they better get great compensation for him. Also, they sure as shit better draft a WR or sign one in free agency because Maclin is a big question mark with his knee and Cooper is not a true #1. I highly doubt DeSean gets traded.

  5. Avant is gone and I can’t imagine Vick sticking around, given the opportunity to start. That being said, this loud mouth jack ass (aside from his speed) isn’t so amazing that he’s worth the money. Throw in the inevitable personal fouls he takes this year and… what’s the point? Not to mention we’ve seen him quit on as many routes as he’s made great down field catches. Telling us he now “buys into the system” this past year, meaning he’s actually trying, just goes to show how much a fuck bag he really is and was. And this fucking idiot wants more money? MOVE HIM. Get something while you can before he starts fucking up our locker room and we are forced to give him away.

    1. my point of Vick and Avant being gone is nobody will have control of him.

      1. Youre an idiot. Inevitable personal fouls? I’m sorry does he have a problem with that? I dont seem to remember him taking any personal fouls last season, or many at all throughout his entier career for that matter. Him saying he bought into this system is no different from any other player BECAUSE IT WAS A NEW, CONTROVERSIAL SYSTEM! Doesnt mean he wasnt trying before.

        And yes, occasionally he pulls a JRoll and gives up on a route or something. Occasionally. the only time I can remember it hurting us is when foles was intercepted against the Vikings last season. But still not what you want…But youre saying for every catch downfield he does that? This comment proves youre a fuckbag because A) its just unfounded bullshit. B) Youre predicating this ratio on longballs he catches…I dunno if you noticed, but his job once chip came in drastically changed. He caught many more short balls across the middle that went for sure mid range yardage plus. He was under the radar but he kept drives alive and consistently got yardage. He almost broke Mike Quicks record last season for fucks sakes. And not to mention that without his presence on the field and the coverage he commands, Riley Cooper doesnt have the season he had. C) Vick and Avant are the only ones who can control him? Based on what? Those are the only players/coaches that he listens too?

        But yeah, lets trade away one of the best receivers in the league, the best on our team and our number 1 receiver, in his prime, because you dont like his lifestyle or whatever. And yeah, 10 is such a distraction and needs to get booted, but Riley Cooper, who had one good half of a season in 4 years and was WAY more of a distraction than Jackson ever was this past season deserves his 25 million. Makes sense.

        1. Agreed. Only way Desean is outta here is if Chip wants him outta here. If Chip wants him gone, then I’m OK with that too. Chip has earned a free pass to do whatever he wants this offseason.

    2. the front office knows everything you just said. if they knew they could draft a ready slot receiver, he’d be released. Nobody would take on his salary.

  6. I would trade DeSean for the contents within those three shopping carts, give him a quarter million cash to compensate him for his “robbery”, and personally drive him to the airport.

    Worst playoff receiver since Todd Pinkston.

    1. Can’t be a horrible playoff performer when your playoff performances pretty much mirror your career per game stats. I hate Pinkston too, but he really was no worse in the playoffs than he was in the regular season.

  7. Mosher is the biggest dick of all the Eagles reporters. On top of being a dick he’s dead wrong. His two points he holds against DeSean to lead credence to him being cut or traded are that he got money stolen from him and he asked for a new contract the day after the season. I guess you shouldnt get buglarized (inside job or not), and if Mosher would just do some research he’d know that DeSean was asked about his contract he didn’t bring it up. And the reason he was asked about his contract was because his current deal was set up to be restructured this year or next. Hell it would be in the Eagles best interest to give him a new deal, DeSean would be happier with more guaranteed and the Eagles wouldn’t take a $10+ mil cap hit on DeSean. Mosher is a joke, along with anyone else that thinks DeSean’s days are numbered. End of story.

  8. Okay lets say the Eagles do trade Desean and draft a WR,our receiving core will look like this:

    Riley Cooper
    Injury-prone Jeremy Maclin
    Iittle runt Damaris Johnson
    And unproven rookie WR

    Lol I’m glad some of you nitwits aren’t running the Eagles.

  9. Desean certainly has no problem living up to every negative African America stereotype, does he? Kid needs to grow the fuck up already.

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