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I told you. I told you DeSean Jackson’s Instagram would one day be the key to the universe. All that slang was just fun and games until… it pointed toward possible gang affiliations.

One secondary element of the DeSean Jackson-Crip story is the accusation – by LAPD detective Eric Crosson – that D-Jacc used two C’s in Jaccpot Records to avoid putting the letters “C” and “K” together, a practice which, in some circles, stands for “Crip Killer.” DeSean denied that claim:

Even the name of Jackson’s music label, Jaccpot Records, has not gone unnoticed by authorities. Police brought it up to Jackson, Crosson said, when he was interviewed in the investigation of the Watson homicide.

The two C’s in Jaccpot, cops believed, were symbolic. Crips avoid putting a “C” next to a “K” because in gangspeak, that stands for “Crip Killer.” Crosson said Jackson explained the spelling by saying the Internet domain name for Jackpot “was taken.”

Indeed it is taken. But that sounds like a whole lot ‘o BS, especially when you consider the following email from reader Brian:

I briefly scrolled through Jackson’s twitter account yesterday.  After hearing the suspected reasoning for his use of the work “Jaccpot” to name his record label (lack of use of “CK” in jackpot) I searched through DeSean’s a twitter account.  Known crips refuse to use the letters CK.  Immediately I noticed a few tweets lacking the use of a CK when it was to be properly used. Ex.  just landed bac in Cali.  Take a look through his tweets and take some screen shots.

If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and talks like a duck it’s probably a duck.

Digging back three months (which, believe me, takes some time), here are instances where those letters should have gone together:


Nothin will Knocc me off !!

Clic Link in Bio #phillmatic @rech100 #jaccpot

My big bro thru the thic & thin !! 7-10

Shit Jus Shook me Up SmH !! Was Roccin 4.7 Sheeeeeesh

The homie @kortamfnt Came Thru & Did his Stuff !! Follow the Movement he Sic !!

Only 1 Snake I fuc wit the Rest can Fall off a cliff …. HaterProof

Jus Touch bac Down In my city #Lax

West 2 East in 1 day >> Now Bac 2 da West Out lik Dat >>

Tonight come chec my boy party out @_youngchris #Philly Whaddup

@rech100 Got some new music for the People Go support it !! CHECC Bio Link !! #jaccpot

On this Pool table tho @gdox6 & @tfont7 takin These L’s Racc up

Checc my young Cousin out Training The Youth !!

Sittin bac watchin these games knowing We gonna b bac there soon ‘ eagle gang #10mode #10

#TBT Wit Da homies bac Stage 2chainz & Jadakiss

Jus finished shooting new show Ballers Mark walberg & The Roc acouple my league patnas made appearance with me MiamiLyfe

[As for his own name? He refers to himself as Jaccpot, Djacc, and 10 mode.]

So, yeah, DeSean didn’t give his record label a certain naming convention because of a gang. He isn’t in a gang. He has no gang affiliations. But he hangs around guys who are in a gang, flashes gang signs on and off the football field, and won’t write two commonly used letters bacc-to-bacc because of a quirky gang thing.

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As Brian said in his email: If it looks like a ducc, quaccs like a ducc, and talks like a ducc, it’s probably a duccYa digg ??