Discussing the Philly Sports Media Field of 64 with Jon Marks and Sean Brace

Me on 97.5 The Fanatic yesterday discussing the Field of 64 and the nasty comments hurled at Jon and Sean… but mostly Sean. Listen here.

We have a MAJOR UPSET from Day 3. Stay tuned. Results coming soon.


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  1. Brace is an easy target.
    Btw: I would love to suck on jon marks girlfriend’s big ole Tities.
    Put some whip cream on them suckers if I was feeling really horny

    1. Who fuckin cares if he’s an easy target. The dude sucks! It’s a fact.
      Say what you want about Gargano, but Brace is a poor man’s Gargano, without the expansive vocabulary.

      I actually miss the days when they called Brace, “Pieface” Brace… apparently, his panties kept creeping into his vag, so they stopped making fun of him on air.

      Dude comes off like some sort of down tough guy, yet is totally bitchy. Grow up, Pieface!

  2. Someone needs to suck on these.
    My fiancé spends all his time sucking on Sean Braces 5 inch Misinelli

    1. I have a fetish for granite countertops. I’m your huckleberry if we can go into the kitchen.

  3. The Scranton/Hazleton caveman accent gets old, and the white guilt/wigger act with both of them is just what their generation does. Poor guys were born white. The fact that Marks just screams into the mic makes the show hard to listen to. He sounds like he’s calling for help from a ham radio stranded on an island. Maintain low tones John. The ratings will sort all this out soon anyway.

    1. The fact that they are not career radio guys is what is supposed to make the show interesting. They are the “just 2 schlubs off the street” show designed to appease the lowest common denominator Philly fan.

  4. I bet the ratings have gone up on the jon & Sean show this week with all this free publicity.
    Fuck has me listening to them.
    Show actually isn’t that bad either, thought I would hate it.

    I would also love to tity fuck marks chick

    1. How much you think these 2 make? I spoke with a TV traffic girl recently that makes under 40k and said that was about the going rate for that job. I’d previously assumed that every person on TV made at least low 6 figures.

      1. That compensation is about right. Why do you think 97.5 hires all of these young guys with no experience? Because they get them cheap.

        For the part-time weekend and evening hosts, both 97.5 and WIP pretty much pay them by the hour, and they make about $100-125 per show.

        They need to save on the other shows to pay the stars like Mikey Miss and Cataldi.

        I’m sure some schmos will want to argue, but this is accurate.

  5. Kyle, I’m sure they will do the golf outing, that wigger could hang the poster on he’s dj booth

  6. I turn 97.5 off at 12 every day, that is hands down the biggest pile of shit radio show ever. Angelo 6-10, Bruno 10-12 then turn off radio until Mikey Miss comes on

  7. Gonna fuck my girl’s titties and shoot my load on my Akropolis Marble countertops!

  8. We need this golf tourney. Maybe have marks big tity chick be the beer cart girl.

    On a side note: I had a bacon, egg & cheese sambo this morning from pagano’s on 20th market. A little greasy

  9. Speaking of big Tities, I bet attention whore kacie McDonnell dumps Aaron Murray when he doesn’t get drafted

    1. I predict Kacie McDonnell will be going out with Jadeveon Clowney or Sammy Watkins by the end of May.

      At least until Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez gets over the “non-soreness” in his shoulder.

  10. you can tell 97.5 is the new station in radio because the comments from the public seem to genuinely get to them.. where as WIP hosts tend to just laugh and ignore them.

    grow the fuck up 97.5, it’s the internet…. faggots.

  11. Sean Brace, dumb, drunk, bald, and speaking with the diction of a 13 year old is no way to go through life.

  12. I’d rather listen to Marks & Brace all day before listening to that fat,fake south Philly toughguy Gargano,who thinks he’s always right,and his co-host and callers are all wrong.

  13. Nothing personal against these guys but they do not belong on the airwaves in a huge market like Philadelphia. Its quite frankly shocking that the station allows it. Philly is the major leagues yet 97.5 roster is full of Blue Claws and River Sharks.

      1. Can you imagine where its rating would be if Missanelli was not defecating on air from 2-6pm?

  14. Brace is probably not a bad guy. but he is not from philly and i believe would be a lot more successful in a smaller market. he really does not have any background in journalism or sports media so philly is kind of a bit more than he can handle

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