GIF: Vinny Lecavalier Hits Three Posts on One Shot


I’m not going to start picking on Vinny, but he looked bad last night. Obviously, this needs to go in the net. But beyond that, he looked slow, fumbled passes and, when he had the puck anywhere near the slot, didn’t look like the all-star scorer he once was. There was one play in the third period (he was nearing the end of a shift) where he got blown by on a loose puck that could’ve turned into a scoring opportunity.

Veterans like Vinny usually find a second and third wind in their careers, and can often play effectively into their mid- and late-thirties. But watching Vinny is maddening sometimes. You might expect a 33-year-old with a lot of miles to slow down… but you don’t expect them to be unable to convert scoring chances or to have cement hands. Tough game for Vinny last night.

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  1. I didn’t see this play.. But what the hell is that guy doing taking his stick to Vinny’s neck after the play?

    1. You STILL didn’t see it. Unless his neck moved to his upper arm, the stick was no where near it.

      1. Either way, it’s still a slash and should have been called.

        Not surprised it wasn’t called, though. The refs have been spectacularly shitty across the NHL the past couple weeks.

  2. Vinny needs to be on the fourth line. They’re doing Rafl a serious disservice by having him stuck with Rinaldo and Hall. Vinny is non-existent 5 on 5 and no he apparently can’t hit empty nets. Chief still wants him on the 2nd PP unit that’s fine, but he seriously needs to stop getting a regular shift 5 on 5. Rafl needs more ice time, he creates offense every time he’s on the ice and that’s with a banger and a straight defensive checker.

      1. Rinaldo is our enforcer, and Hall is one of the best face off men in the league, but the Flyers don’t need guys like that. Fucking clown shoes

        1. How many enforcers (goons) does a team need? Downie? Hartnell? Hello? And a great faceoff man – WOW, I am impressed. Clown Shoes Brewery – fuckin’ great!

          1. Dont think I’d call hartnell an enforcer with only 3 fights on the year. Rinaldo is a necessary evil, even though hes basically pim on skates, and takes a lot of stupid pointless penalties. And being a high percentage faceoff guy on this team is pretty important, especially when youre taking shitty penalties trailing late in games. I do agree however, get better players. I wasnt nuts about the lecavlier signing in the first place, hoping he proves me wrong at some point throughout his deal.

  3. Know how I know Kyle doesn’t really like the Flyers? Lecavalier has been doing this since the second month of the season. Him and Downie are downright difficult to watch at times.

    1. I agree they are definitely difficult to watch at times, then Vinny roofs a half breakaway against the pens and snyder gets to high five everyone in the box about it saying “I told you, I told you”

      he’s going to need some more break time if he’s going to be worth anything in the playoffs…jagr is better at playing to his strengths at his age, and people like vinny are going to have to realize it too…he is going to have to start scoring some of those slappers on the power play to show that he’s worth it

  4. In Sea Isle one time, I found three chicks’ faces at once with another kind of shot. Just sayin’…….Sort of a hat trick, eh?

  5. Hey guys Jon and Sean here. Join us today as we will break down all the breaking Desean news that has happened over the past 3 weeks. You know how hes been……..oh wait he hasnt been traded or anything. TMAC will be in here to clear it all up for Sean.

  6. Vinny Cavs is Dale Hawerchuk 2.0.
    Two of the greatest players of their eras but by the time they got here they were all used up.

  7. There’s no question Vinny has been a dissapointment this year. it’s also the first time he’s had to move in his career and he’s playing out of position. I’m interested to see what he’s does in the playoffs. Also interested to see what he does with another offseason under his belt. The Flyers logjam at center, (which is gonna get worse with the numbers Laughton is throwing up on the board), should sort itself out in the offseason, most likely on draft day. Either way it’s hard to figure out what Homer was thinking with the signing.

    1. he doesnt think, thats the problem. youre stuck with vinny and streit for another 4 years. plus, they both have NTC’s and streit is a +35 FA which means he counts against the cap always, no matter what.

  8. Any homer on this site would have hit the net on that. Loved the goalies head following the puck to each of the three posts.

  9. Great headline: NOT!!
    Is English your first language?


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  10. I was at the game and that shot not ending up in the net took all the life out of the arena. It was awful. Vinny really looked old and weary last night, and the team didn’t seem to bother trying until the third period. Weak. The absolutely shit officiating didn’t help matters, but when you don’t try, you’re probably gonna lose.

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