I’m not going to start picking on Vinny, but he looked bad last night. Obviously, this needs to go in the net. But beyond that, he looked slow, fumbled passes and, when he had the puck anywhere near the slot, didn’t look like the all-star scorer he once was. There was one play in the third period (he was nearing the end of a shift) where he got blown by on a loose puck that could’ve turned into a scoring opportunity.

Veterans like Vinny usually find a second and third wind in their careers, and can often play effectively into their mid- and late-thirties. But watching Vinny is maddening sometimes. You might expect a 33-year-old with a lot of miles to slow down… but you don’t expect them to be unable to convert scoring chances or to have cement hands. Tough game for Vinny last night.

GIF via SB Nation and 97.5 The Fanatic