Going somewhere this weekend to which you’ll undoubtedly need a ride? Got you covered.

Thanks to Uber for sponsoring the site this month. Surely you’ve heard of them. They’re the wayyyy better alternative to taxis. You can hail a ride in anything from a black sedan to an SUV to a luxury Mercedes right from your smartphone. Uber will come pick you and your friends up, quickly, including in many neighborhoods that cabs don’t frequent. It costs only slightly more than a taxi and the pricing estimates are given to you up front. No BS from shady drivers. The best part? You pay right from your phone (you can even split it with friends), so you can just hop out of the car and go.

If you hadn’t heard about Uber before, now you have. They’re offering CB readers a $20 ride credit. That should cover a medium distance trip within the city. They’re basically giving you a free ride to try out their service. All you got to do to get the credit is click here and signup by entering the most basic of basic information. Put crossingbroad in for the promotional code (for most of you it should already be entered). That’s it. You get $20 to go wherever you please and you support our sponsor, which in turn helps CB. My thanks to Uber.

Get your $20 here.