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I get a lot of questions about whether it’s OK to bring an iPad to a game. Popular opinion says fuck no!, but I disagree. It’s fine. Here’s why: It’s hardly different than a phone nowadays. Plus you look signifcantly less weird with an iPad – especially if you’re a woman or Sidney Crosby and can carry one in your purse – than carrying one of those silly Galaxy Notes. Let’s face it, people use iPads for all sorts of reasons. In theory you could be watching other games on it or using Twitter to converse with other fans. I sometimes take mine to the Iron Abbey on the weekends to watch EPL games that aren’t on the main TVs. So I get it. Wouldn’t recommend it, but I get it. What you can’t do, however, is take pictures with the thing. If you use your iPad to take pictures in public, you’re an idiot. Your phone has a better camera if you’ve upgraded since Steve Jobs died. And it’s smaller. You might get a better view on your bigger, heavier, bulkier, sillier looking iPad, but you’re taking a worse picture. Every time. Don’t do that. Also: don’t stalk people with blocked Facebook profiles, like this woman.