Jay Wright Almost Chokes Up Talking About How Goddamn Good Villanova Is


Big East regular season champs.

The sixth ranked team in the country.

Two fingers for Villanova.. one for their NCAA Tournament seed?

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  1. Wow, Big East regular season champs. That’s totally amazing because that conference is awesome this year. And yeah, nova is totally a top 5 team. They have so many quality wins this year. They beat Kansas in November, and…um….yeah that’s pretty much it. They’ve only won 5 games against top 50 RPI teams and the four other ones besides Kansas were against RPI numbers 33, 36 and 46 twice. As a whole, they’re 5-3 against RPI top 50.

    So yeah, they’re totally an awesome team and not a beneficiary of a garbage schedule in a garbage conference. The only time they’ve played good teams (besides Kansas), they’ve lost by 16, 28, and 21. Go Nova!!!! WOOO!!!!!

    On another note, it really sucks that all those damn type OBers can’t see the truth about their team, huh Kyle?

    1. You do realize the big east is the third toughest conference strength of schedule behind only the big 10 and big 12.

      1. And you do realize that according to ESPN RPI, Villanova has a SOS of 45 which is the easiest schedule among all top ten RPI teams besides Witchita State, who also haven’t really beaten anyone good besides St. Loius?

    2. Agree 100%.It’s not a coincidence that Nova won their first Big East Title in like 30 years after UCONN,Syr,Pitt,Louis left the conference. Just cant get excited about a team with a white 5’10” PG.

      #Weak strength of schedule.Overrated.Fortunate to make Sweet16.

  2. What an accomplishment! No Pitt, Syracuse, Cincinnati or Louisville. As always, one and done in tourney.

  3. 1 and done in the tournament? We made the final four 4 years ago and 3 straight sweet 16’s before that. We also were 6-0 on the road vs teams ranked 40-60 while the rest of the NCAA is 41-253. So suck on the “garbage schedule”, that’s damn impressive.

    1. Wow 6-0 against a bunch of low seeds and bubble teams. Yawn. Nova only had 8 total games against top 50 RPI teams. They’re non-conference strength of schedule is 59th and they play in a shitty conference. That’s a completely garbage schedule. And, like I said earlier, they’re 1-3 against top 25 RPI teams. The only time they played against a real a opponent besides Kansas, they lost. Get over it.

        1. Wow, really good job coming up with facts and evidence to counter my argument. Really well done. You totally added a lot to the discussion. Thanks for your contribution.

          1. Don’t worry about them, Realist. Their Main Line Mommies said that Nova was the best.

    2. How many players from that FF team four years ago still play on Nova? My point exactly. What a horrible point to your argument.

    3. Haha, let me give you a little tip. The second you mention your team made it to a sweet 16 as a positive, you are saying your team is pathetic. The top programs will fire coaches if they top out at the sweet 16, championships are the only thing that matter.

  4. I’m neither a Nova fan nor a hater, just an avid follower of college hoops, but you gotta give them their props this year. Other than Florida and Wichita St., they’re playing the best TEAM basketball in the country right now. Just watch this squad play defense (as long as it’s not Creighton).

    And, yes, they will be a #1 seed in the NCAA tourney in a very mediocre year for college hoops. Somebody has to be.

    1. And then they’ll get smoked in the 2nd or 3rd round by the first good team they face.

      But you knew this already. You’re welcome.

      1. Nope, they’re going out early. Not this year. Come re-visit this post April 4th when they’re getting ready to play in the Final Four the next day. You read it here first.

  5. 2 fingers for the 2 games they will win in the tournament before losing to somebody like San Diego State.

  6. Thank you 97.5 the fanatic for firing that idiot Phil from Mt. Airy.

    Now if you can just give that alcoholic wigger Sean Brace his walking papers,that would be the icing on the cake.

  7. They fired me because I’m black. Just wait until Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson get done with those dopes – I’ll be part-owner of the station!


    1. If you are the real Phil from Mt Airy,then old man,you need serious help.

      1. Because its pretty sad Phil that you as a 52yr old man has such hatred for a guy like Donovan McNabb who is young enough to be your son.

        1. Who cares if Phil is 94 McNabb was a douche and he sucked.age is so. Stupid what are you 11?

  8. I can’t be the only one who sees Jay Wright as the biggest douche around. Can’t stand this dude.

    Nova may get to the elite eight but you gotta be shitting me if you think this team is going any further. Let alone having a shot at actually winning. GTFO.

      1. Kyle, I would love to hear your rationale for Villanova being “so goddamn good” when they only have one good win all season that was back in November. They’re 1-3 against top-25 RPI teams with big margins of defeat in all three of those loses. They’ve only won 5 games against top 50 RPI teams and the four other ones besides Kansas were against RPI numbers 33, 36 and 46 twice. As a whole, they’re 5-3 against RPI top 50.

        I would also love to hear you talk more about type OBers drinking the kool-aid while you clearly have no ability to objectively evaluate Villanova basketball. We can wait until the brackets come out, but I will bet you any amount of money you want that this team wins no more than two games in the tournament.

        1. My rationale is they’re 28-3. They lost on the road at Syracuse and to a team that obviously has their number. They crushed most of their opponents. Great ones? No. Mid majors? Not even close. Many are still NCAA caliber teams. People forget that rolling a relatively easy conference has worked out just fine for Gonzaga, Memphis and Butler in recent years. Did Philly folks say the same thing about St. Joe’s when they rolled the hilarious A-10? In 2004 No. Plus if you watch Nova play you’d realize that they are easily the most well-rounded and probably best defensive team Jay’s ever coached. And this is a guy who’s been to two Elite Eights and a Final Four. So, yeah, that’s my rationale. They’re good. AND THEY’RE STRENGTH OF SCHEDULE IS STILL IN THE TOP 25. It’s not like they’re playing total shit.

          1. If you go by ESPN RPI, THEIR STRENGTH OF SCHEDULE IS 45TH That’s a better way to evaluate than just looking at their opponents’ records. And I never said they were playing “like shit” I just said they’re not “so goddamn good.” They’re not top 5 team in the country good. As I said, they are a good team but they’ve had an easy schedule and only one win against top 32 RPI teams to speak of. That’s not that impressive of a resume.

            Once again just like the way you try to evaluate the flyers, you have absolutely no ability whatsoever to account for a middle ground. Just because I say Villanova isn’t top 5 good, you assume I mean they’re playing “like shit.” And just because Paul Holmgren fucked up with Bryzgalov and JVR for Luke Schenn that doesn’t mean that Matt Read’s contract was bad, Couturier and Voracek aren’t a great return for Jeff Carter, and Steve Downie isn’t an upgrade over Max Talbot just because he used to be immature when he played here like 5 years ago.

            Stop trying to change the argument to make it seem like I’m acting like your precious nova is a shit team. I’m just saying that they’re not top 5 good like you’ve been saying they are all season.

          2. “Hilarious A10?”

            Lol, you are aware that the A10 is looking at possibly 6 teams in the tourney this year, and the Big Least is looking at 2-3….

          3. Also, Kyle if Villanova is so good defensively, how come they’re 86th in the nation in points allowed per game?

          4. Realist, are you seriously looking at points per game allowed? That is like looking at wins for a pitcher. They are 13th in the country in adjusted defensive efficiency. I’m probably an idiot for assuming you know what that is, but what can you do

        2. Since you put so much stock in RPI, why not just, I don’t know, LOOK AT VILLANOVA’S RPI!!?? They have the #4 ranked rpi in the country, which takes into account their “awful” SOS, who they’ve beaten, who they’ve lost to, etc. Don’t say they are not a top 5 team using rpi numbers as your only tools of debate when Villanova’s rpi is, in fact, in the top 5

        3. Well said, Kyle.

          I’ll add to it by noting that aside from Creighton, they beat EVERYBODY in the Big East TWICE. That is not easy to do in any conference, let alone the third toughest conference in the nation. G’Town, St. John’s, Xavier, Providence, and Marquette…all beaten twice by Nova. Xavier is a great home team and could have used another big win last week. Nova beat them handily. Providence is lights-out at the Dunkin Donuts center and desperately needed a win a couple weeks ago against Nova. Nova needed 2 OT’s but got it done.

          This team does not have a bunch of Top 25 wins. Last year’s team had 3 Top 5 wins but 13 losses going into the tourney. Anyone who has watched this team this year knows that they are playing much, much better than last year.

  9. Once again, the local weather dorks prove that they are amateur forecasters and professional ratings whores.

    Rain Friday – FAIL!
    Snow Saturday night – FAIL!


  10. Nova kids are doosh bags. I am college-educated myself and I have never come across one member of their student body that ever I cared for. Mommy & Daddy had a stockpile of cash so they sent their pretentious little fuck of a kid to Villanova.

    Jealous? No. Annoyed by their inflated self-worth based on money? Yes.

    Hope they lose quick in the tourney. Would love to see the annoying walk-on’s on the end of the bench jumping up and down cry.

    1. Have to agree with your statement on nova kids… but unfortunately, not all of us are like that. Don’t let experiences with a handful of kids reflect your view of the university as a whole, and its basketball team.

    2. That’s an incredibly ignorant comment. I grew up middle class and went to Nova on a partial academic and financial aid package. I don’t consider myself anything like your description.

      Do the kinds of kids you mention exist at Nova? Sure. I knew a few of them and didn’t care much for them either. However, there are plenty of good people who attend this school. Most of them I found to be good human beings and grounded people.

      Your comment is way out of line and inaccurate.

  11. Good thing you’re not jealous of us 1Chain. Lemme guess…..you’re either from St. Joe’s or Widener. You’re seething anger and jealousy at what a collosal failure you’ve been leads me to believe this to be the case.

    1. Ha ha! What a douche you are, thinking that the world revolves around villanova, st joes, and widener. When the pope (or his local minions) says “bend over”, you say “how far?”


  12. The a-10 is hilarious? Xavier made it to the elite eight that season and they had three tams in the ncaa and beat gonzaga. Also hate to break to you but the 03-04 team would while the floor with this fugazi nova team. Cannot wait to watch 40 minutes of that prick jay wright run around the sidelines bitching about the officiating like a nova undergrad getting upset about his parents buying him an e series instead of a s series Mercedes. Go back to malvern prep you nerd

  13. where are you haters getting your info? Nova has a SOS of 23 not 45. Most of the teams Non conference SOS is the same if not worse then Nova. 28-3 enough said!

    1. I’ve already stated this above, but since apparently you struggle with reading comprehension, I’ll say it again. ACCORDING TO ESPN RPI, their strength of schedule is 45th overall and 63rd in non-conference games. Obviously RPI isn’t a perfect stat, but it’s better than just saying their SOS is 23rd simply based on their opponents’ win percentage. At least RPI also takes into account the win% of your opponents’ opponents too.

      1. You are such an idiot. The fact that Villanova’s rpi is #4 in the country completely ruins your argument. RPI takes SOS into account, and they are still ranked #4. Hater

  14. RPI is terrible. ESPN’s BPI is pretty good and if you want a real stat Kenpom is the only way to go.

  15. Realist has used the phrases “I’ve stated this above”, “As I said”, and “Like I said earlier” in 3 separate posts on a crossing broad thread while trashing a basketball team that has lost 3 games all season. Based on the quality and quantity of the writing at hand (and the RPI rating of his comments- ZING), we can all safely assume he is a St. Joes alum, and a professional internet forum commenter, which I hear is a big hiring industry for graduates of his alma mater!

  16. so basically all your going by is ESPN for SOS realist, who cares how ESPN does there SOS, and the 23 SOS is used with the RPI as well, so every website except ESPN has nova at 23, great argument man!

  17. I get your point but nobody saw Villanova having this type of year so it’s a pleasant surprise. You and everyone else crying overrated isn’t going to change that. If we look at the 2 losses to Creighton they shot out of their minds from 3 pt range, seriously hitting contested 28 footers, both games.
    Nova has no stars but a bunch of really good players and they are deep. A lot of guys who can handle the ball, create their own shot, and hit 3s. No doubt they are a weak 1 seed but so what, I see all of the top 10 teams as highly vulnerable, so get over it. Villanova fans don’t need to apologize or explain ANY THING to you, realist. I’m simply enjoying a very good season from a team predicted to finish fourth in the conference.
    Lastly, it’s not villanovas fault that the big East split up over college football dollars. So they’re supposed to apologize to people like you because Pitt, cuse, Louisville etc left the league and Villanova had the gall to win the Big East title??? Get over it

  18. Rich – 28 Footers both games against Creighton???
    1st game 21(3s) out of 33 FGs!!!(Conference record).
    2nd game 18 lay-ups out of 34 FGs!!! VU 11(3s)-Creighton 9(3s)!!!

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