Jimmy Rollins joined Michael Barkann and Ike Reese today to discuss his petulance. This after he spoke with the rest of the media this morning about his petulance.

Earlier, we brought you some of Rollins’ quotes about why he and Ryne Sandberg aren’t speaking to each other. But in his interview with Mike and Ike Rollins went a bit further in describing his (non-)relationship with Sandberg and why it’s not really necessary to run down to first on balls hit to the right side of the infield.

The passive aggressiveness is strong with this one.

On Sandberg:

“I’m not gonna seek him out. If it’s something that he has an issue with, then he’ll come to me. And that’s the way it should be. Players don’t go to managers and ask what’s the problem unless they know they did something wrong or they feel they did something wrong. But until then, you just keep working at it, and if there’s something he has an issue with and he wants to talk about it, then he will.”

On not running:

“You hit a ground ball to second. Two three steps out the box, he has the ball, I know I’m out. It doesn’t matter how hard I go down there– I’m out. The ball is already in his glove. I can’t make myself safe after that. It probably doesn’t look that well. It’s a fact. It’s a fact. When balls are hit to the left side – shortstop, third base side – I put my head down and run because I can’t see the play in front of me. But as a leader, you can’t do those things and expect to get away with them. And I accept that responsibility. I never fought it. I never balked back.”

Yes, because it’s a statistical fact that no one has ever beat out a ground ball to the second baseman:

Some people on Twitter seemed to think Barkann went easy on Rollins and didn’t push back on the ground ball comment. Maybe. But I thought Barkann asked all the right questions given the existing conflict of interest (the fact that CSN and WIP air Phillies games).

Audio from Mike and Ike here. Video from other media scrum here.