Joe Maddon and the Rays Pay Tribute to Allen Iverson in the Most Spectacular Way Possible

Actually, I guess the most spectacular way possible would’ve been going to a TGI Fridays in Port Charlotte and running up a $30k bar tab on rum punches and potato skins… but, this is a close second. Love Joe Maddon, even though he’s kind of a hipster and, somewhere in his lineage, someone decided to spell that name with an O.

via The School Philly


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  1. Spectacular? Jesus Christ, then the cold coffee on my desk must be STUPENDOUS!
    That was uncomfortably bad.

  2. This is where Kyle starts claiming the headline was supposed to be sarcastic. It was awful, pure and simple.

  3. I liked it, but there was no feedback in the room – was this a real presser? if so, the crowd was asleep

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