Marlins_fan3This Marlins fan left his young son in what is apparently an Oregon Trail themed wagon when he went to retrieve a ground rule double at the Mets-Marlins spring training game yesterday.

Three thoughts:

1) Strange dichotomy of fathering here. One one hand, this guy just taught his son the value of balls that go into the stands and that you retrieve them at any cost, even your own son’s life.* That’s good parenting. The lesson will stick with the kid longer than his whiplash. On the other hand… he brought his son to a baseball game in a shaded wagon. He’s just asking to get him beat up him later in life. I don’t even know the kid and I kind of want to kick his ass.

2) Mom. Is. Mad.

3) Jorts and sneakers.

*My Dad taught me a similar lesson at age 3 when he knocked me off a pier while he threw a minnow to a passing seagull. Always feed the birds, is what I came away with.

Video after the jump.

via Deadspin