In a 24-hour period: Drive to airport, fly to upstate New York, drive to Glen Falls, check in, drive to airport, fly back to Philly.

That’s apparently what Michael Raffl has to do thanks to a strange quirk in professional hockey contract language. Flyers inside man Anthony SanFilippo says that, because of the extra man on the Flyers’ roster, Raffl had to be loaned to the Phantoms temporarily. But he’ll be recalled to the Flyers when the rosters expand today and play tonight against the Capitals. This isn’t just a paper transaction, though. He actually had to go to Glen Falls and report. That’s it. Just sign in. I wonder if he had a friend do it, like in a college lecture hall where the weird professor takes attendance and never notices that there are routinely 50 signatures and only 20 people in class.

Anyway, I’m sure the citizens of Austria consider this fair retribution for Raffl’s destructive partying in Sochi.