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After the Kings beat the Flyers 3-2 last night, Mike Richards was asked about the reception given to Jeff Carter (who scored the Kings first goal) upon his first playing return to the Wells Fargo Center.* His answer was oh-so-passive-aggressive Mike Richards. From the Flyers’ city-leading PR department:

After what you did here for six years, is it surprising, the reaction of the fans for you and Jeff [Carter]?

“No, I got it last time so I gave him a heads up. They boo Santa Claus, so they’re not going to not boo Richards or Carter.”

False. I was at the last time. Richards was very well-received and given a brief thank you on the scoreboard. He was booed after initial pleasantries, but I believe it was after he did something positive for the Kings. It was very much a traditional thank you for your services now you’re our enemy sort of boo that we’re all very familiar with. But to imply that he got it last time is simply wrong.

And as for the Santa Claus part… ugh.

The game: Tough loss, but I absolutely loved the effort by the Flyers to come back from two goals down in the third. And I even more loved the effort in the final minutes. Claude Giroux was on the ice for three straight minutes (with a timeout in the middle) and was an absolute beast. He was all over the place last night. Ditto for Kimmo Timonen and Jake Voracek. But as for Vinny Lecavalier… he’s starting to look old. Missed a wide-open net in the second period, fumbled passes down the stretch, and was beat to the puck on one play where it looked like he was skating in quicksand. Glad Holmgren gave him a five-year contract.

*The Blue Jackets did come back with Carter, but he was hurt. So he rented a suite for all his cool friends:

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Things have changed for Jeff since that photo was taken.