Check off MRSA in your hilarious Phillies misfortune BINGO card.

Ryan Lawrence of the Daily News is reporting that Freddy Galvis has a MRSA infection. Galvis had been hospitalized with a staph infection and had to have an abscess removed from his left knee, the same knee he cut when sliding into third a few weeks ago.

No word on how long Galvis will be out, but the more important thing is to make sure no one else on the team gets it:

MRSA, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, is a bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics, most often a result from skin infections. But in medical facilities, according to the CDC, MRSA can causes “life-threatening bloodstream infections, pneumonia and surgical site infections.”

When speaking about the possibility of MRSA, Amaro said the Phillies were having the home clubhouse at Bright House Field bombed with disinfectant following Friday’s game against the Red Sox.

After all, the elderly are susceptible infection.