Of Course Andy Reid and the Chiefs are Interested in DeSean

John Clayton and Danny Parkins are reporting that, not surprisingly, Andy Reid and the Chiefs are interested in DeSean:


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  1. I just reported the exact opposite thing on WYSP. So that means DeSean is probably chugging BBQ and Baconators with Big Red in KC right now. Take it to the bank, genius.

  2. Andy was interested, until he heard the 5’11 170lb player we released wasn’t one of his O-line picks.

  3. No team is interested in him you Morons!!! This was his agent saying that! Any respectful GM would wait and see what in the fuck is going on with this player before they ever even remotely declared an inch of interest! Kyle Scott you are a dousche bag and this crossing broad site fucking blows!!!!!!! Your a media whore and you are not very good at it! No one wants Desean. He is a thug bitch pussy! He had a shitty attitude, I am glad he is gone. Chip Kelly and The Eagles do not fuck around! And I am glad they don’t. To cut this guy is a service to the league. He can take his 9 touchdowns (a laughable career best) and shove them up his ass! As much as the fans think they know or the writers or this kyle scott internet fag they should at least know this much….The Eagles are smarter then you will EVER be. They are one of the best run organizations in not just football but all of sports! Desean is trash and I wont miss him or his shitty attitude one bit.

    1. I had to chuckle to myself at this gem:

      They are one of the best run organizations in not just football but all of sports!

    2. Rock-you must be sucking Gay Jeffy’s balls or letting him bang you in the ass. “Best run organization in sports?” Get a fucking clue ass puppet.

  4. Dude it is one of the best organizations in all of sports!!! Ask anyone who is actually in sports!!! Not you faggot ass clown fans but legit NFL owners and gms will tell you the Eagles are a fucking world class organanization. It’s just a fact. Thank god they don’t listen to you fags or the media whores otherwise we would still have Duce staley as a running back! Desean Jackson is a selfish nigga bitch who spends money like a true nigga and now he will be broke like a true nigga. He is a moron and what intelligent person would want them on their team? No one is moving on Desean until all of this is figured out. And even then they may not be interested in this marginal receiver. #EaglesWillWinASuperBowlWithin3Years.

    1. Didnt deuce win a super bowl ring after the eagles? And they kinda do still have deuce, as a rb coach, and it seems to me that lesean doesnt mind hes here…just sayin. I think they could possibly be on track to being a good organization, world class? I wouldnt reach that far.

    2. However, I am tired of jackson and his constant mouth running and while I think the eagles lost a nice athletic piece to their offense, I do trust them and chip kelly with this decision, call it blind faith.
      Ps yes I know deuce didnt have much to do with the Steelers bowl, but as much as it pains me to say it, thats a world class organization…minus big ben.

  5. Jeffrey Lurie ran a PhD thesis on the benefits of Affirmative Action from Brandeis U.
    In the real world his postgraduate degree brought him face to face with reality.
    Vick and Jackson exposed that real hoods in his closet threaten his domain and the faigala
    is now out and proud,

    1. Although I don’t approve of racist comments, I have no problem calling Jeffrey Lurie a twink.

  6. AKA stuffing his face at Ponzio’s Saturday morning between 8-10am. Guy sits there eating food while he is on the air. You listen to him chew and swallow his food while some clown named Arthur says correct. I’m supposed to take him seriously because the Eagles feed him propaganda which he regurgitates on the air. Naturally the Eagles are never wrong because if they were he couldn’t wear his fur coat, Jordan’s, Ventresca suit and Beats headphones while reporting from the Eagles sidelines. He wants to be in the game and near Chip. Kelly probably thinks the guy is total douche who wouldn’t last 10 seconds in Oregon. Now his son is the PD of the station. As Vince Lombardi said, What the Hell is going on here.

  7. We have had great success molding fine ballplayers out of those who were not given much of a chance by the outsiders:

    Donovan McNabb
    Kevin Cobb
    AJ Frehley
    Todd Pinkston
    James Thrash
    Broderick Bunkley
    Na Brown
    Greg Brown
    the list goes on and on…

    Desean would be welcomed in Kansas City, and would benefit greatly by a change of scenery. Plus, our hats already come with “KC” on them.


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