Just a few things that need addressing because you won’t believe the emails, comments and Tweets I’m getting on this: The PSMFO64 does not include game announcers. Hence why there’s no Scott Franzke, Molly Sullivan, Jim Jackson, Malik Rose, Keith Jones, etc. etc. etc. We’ve often talked about the broadcast teams and will continue to do so, so I didn’t feel their inclusion in “the media” was necessary. Plus, they’re not really “media.” They mostly work for the teams. Nothing wrong with that. But apples and oranges. Kacie McDonnell, who has gotten a ton of requests because you’re all horndogs, has nothing to do with sports (besides her dating habits):

Voila_Capture 2014-03-26_02-07-36_PM

You can be sure that Kacie will be a top seed when we do the Women in Philly Media bracket. So will Molly Sullivan. [I might have to shut the comments down for that.]

There are some people who got snubbed, however. Some intentionally, some not. I missed Beasley Reese. I missed Matt Gelb. I missed others. John Boruk’s suits violated NCAA rules. Jen Daniels is too new. I, for some reason, had no idea that Jody Mac was still on WIP. He deserved to be in there. There are a few others. But pretty much anyone who had a chance to win in the radio and TV regions was included. The Writers Region was more subjective.

There, I feel better. Now who wants to be the intern to plan the golf outing?