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Everything is going just swimmingly with the voting. No controversy, no outrage. No nothing. Just smoooooooth sailing. Right? RIGHT?!

Anyway, let’s skip the pleasantries and get right to our Sweet 16 winners:

WIP Region

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Jolly has turned into a pumpkin. Al Morganti cruises away from the ball with an easy victory. He’ll advance to the Regional Final, taking place today, against the formidable 13 seed, Ray Didinger.


97.5 Region

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We have a mild upset! Tony Bruno was the slight favorite here, but not only did Harry Mayes win… he crushed his partner, 62-38! The beneficiary of some multiple-vote voters (all totally legally), Mayes had a late day SURGE to take the lead and won going away against Bruno, whose national TV stumping wasn’t enough for him to advance against his longtime partner and friend. This sets up a Missanelli-Mayes – M&M! – Regional Final on Monday.


TV Region

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The committee has been proven wrong. Colleen Wolfe, the 15 seed, was seeded too low. She cruises to yet another victory, this time beating Neil Hartman, 62-38. It sets up a somewhat expected Regional Final against Amy Fadool. Throw the seeds out the window. This is an old fashioned schoolyard battle now. Blonde vs. blonde. The male vote has completely ruled the TV Region. Fadool and Wolfe will tango on Tuesday.


Writers Region

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No real surprises here. Sheil Kapadia was the strongest four seed. He advances for a showdown with veteran Phillies beat writer Jim Salisbury, who took care of a very sound Ryan Lawrence. Kapadia-Salisbury on Wednesday.

You can view the full bracket here.


Here’s the schedule for the Elite Eight: Morganti-Didinger today. Missanelli-Mayes Monday. Fadool-Wolfe Tuesday. Salisbury-Kapadia Wednesday.

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