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Rhea became the first victim of what I am calling the top seed detractors issue. The higher seeds have a target on their backs. People want to see the underdogs win. The higher the seed, the more well known you are, the more likely you are to have detractors and haters. Thus far, the heavy favorites have weathered this storm, but Rhea has become the first to fall to an unlikely lower seed– a 14 seed! It’s MADNESS, baby!

Your Day 3 results and updated bracket:

WIP Region

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Jolovitz’s crazy shocker upset sets up a Round 2 match with Anthony Gargano. Jolly and Cuz are two WIP veterans. Jolly is riding high and pitchy, but will he be able to carry the momentum over to beat Gargano? We’ll see.


97.5 Region

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Both Harry Mayes and Nick Kayal held off stiff competition from Tim McManus and Matt Lombardo. Neither trailed, but these games were close. Perhaps a chink in the armor for the 3 and 6 seeds? Something has to give in Round 2. It’s been all chalk in the 97.5 Region.


TV Region

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Neli Hartmann and Derrick Gunn just beat up on the competition. The TV Region has been full of blowouts. Lots of big names establishing their dominance early. Eventually those titans will collide. Today, TV Region favorite John Clark goes against the 15, Colleen Wolfe.


Writers Region

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Ryan Lawrence fought off an onslaught of words and douche from David Murphy. Survive and advance, baby. Tim McManus was able to hold on against a feisty Eliot Shorr-Parks. Tim led big early, but a late surge from Eliot made the finally result closer than it really was. Eliot’s a young team, expect him to be right back next year with a much higher seed.

You can view the full bracket here.


On to Day 4 matchups– the 7-10, 2-15 games.

WIP Region

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97.5 Region

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TV Region

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Writers Region

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Vote after the jump.

Chris Franklin vs. Ed Kracz
Rob Maaddi vs. Jack McCaffery
Adam Caplan vs. Ed Rendell
Martin Frank vs. James Seltzer
Les Bowen vs. Jeff Skversky
Joe Santoliquito vs. Dave Spadaro
Dave Zangaro vs. Ron Jaworski
Tim McManus vs. Babes on Broad

131 Responses

  1. How the fuck did Jolly win. He must have voted for himself 1200 times. He is literally, un listenable.

      1. She looks like a burn victim and has no titties. Plus she’s fucking Gonzo. Gross

  2. Salisbury over Baicker might be the largest margin of victory in the whole tournament.

  3. Rhea goes down in the first round and I couldn’t be happier. Maybe this sends a message to WIP!

    1. The only thing better than Rhea’s flat ass getting bounced is that Eskin lost TWICE yesterday!There is a God!

      Now let’s rid the board of those jackasses Barkann, Missanelli, Cataldi, and Gargano!


  4. Rhea’s loss more people not liking her than liking jolly. Its getting to point now where i dont like any of the remaining people so voting lesser of 2 evils. How did rob charry not make it to tourney?? He on air more than jolly.

  5. Brace yourselves…. A Twitter/ Facebook self promotion onslaught is coming from Tony Bruno

  6. As unlistenable as Jolly is, he’s still better that Rhea.
    No redeeming quality.

    1. The last two guys blowing Mikey Miss have a daily show from 12-2 on the Fanatic.

  7. I’d like to see Tommy Lawlor as a solid mid major 12 seed next year. Dude just puts out SOLID content nonstop ( multiple daily posts sometimes, by himself) and he has one of the most passionate comment sections in the philly sports centered blogosphere. I dare you to find a more talented amateur scout on the internet ( he should really be paid to do it professionally.)

    AND he’s tight with all the rising local blog stars ( Sheil, Jimmy, etc.) Check him out at The guy is so gangster that he operates his blog/network out of North Carolina.

    It’s kinda shameful that he wasn’t even part of the discussion to be included.

    1. Um, No. Graham sucks, knows nothing about sports, and isn’t funny Ellis is the only listenable host on WIP

      1. I agree with this. Now that Macnow is gone Ellis is the only non douche on the air. Although, he does have the propensity to get a little defensive from time to time.

      2. Ellis is a fucking arrogant douchebag. Unlistenable.. Macnow and Diddy should replace the 2 idiots from 10-2. And pair Inness with the Cuz

        1. No, Doug is right. Ellis, Macnow, and Didinger are the only radio people who don’t have some tired, douchey schtick that they foist on us every day. Everybody else seems to have to be a cartoonish goon, pandering for ratings.


    2. Not tough choice at all. I can’t stand listening to Graham. While Ellis is WIPs best host.

    3. BDG should not even have a show on a sports station. I have never understood why he was hired.

  8. The fact that Lou Tilley is not part of this shows how meaningless this tournament is. How can we not include the media personalities of the only two real sports teams in this town…..

    1. How would you like to have to listen to her all fucking day…..?

      1. I didn’t even know she had another kid. Guess she only talks about Clark because she thinks she cool naming her kid after a hockey legend. I agree, she is unlistenable. Hope this sends Andy Bloom a message

    1. Brace, murph & servalli should get together & go carousing one of these night. They love chasing 4’s tail at dive bars

  9. Not really sure why this is an upset or why this was seeded the way it was. Rhea a 3, and for that matter, morganti a 2? At best, they provide side commentary whenever Angelo catches his breath in between idiotic tirades. And half the time its not even about sports since the morning show goes off on other tangents. Theyre insightful and I enjoy them, but you only get those qualities out of them in full on weeks like this when Angelos gone. Other than that its just Rhea playing the tough tom boy role while chiding Angelo and Al making snide comments with Jonesy.

    Jolly is seeded about right, but hes way better than Rhea, imo. I generally think the solo night hosts are better in general since they dont have to rely on ranting and raving to maximize the daytime audience ratings.

  10. I am glade rhea is out. She is unlistenable. All she contributes to the show is her arrogant comments on Angelo and Al. She is unrespectful itch. Kyle this was nothing to do with higher seed or voting for underdog. This shows Rhea is not liked at all. WIP management should really lookinto this. Wouldn’t let Rhea suck my DICK!

    1. I stopped listening to the wip morning show due to angelo’s constant laughing at comments or guests comments that are not funny, and the other being that rhea chiming in with a redundant comment on what was said seconds before……ex. (Morganti.)…”it’s been 24 hrs since the last Flyers game”, (rhea)….”1 day ago”. She’s more fit to haunt a house then to be on radio (though she does have the face for it).

  11. I can’t believe Colleen Wolfe fucks the little pussy Gonzo. I would love to lick her blonde asshole and bury my fat cock in her tight pussy, then cum on her face…just sayin

  12. Kyle I have a question….On one hand you say that WIP should look at Glen’s result and on other hand you kinda make this comments look like a joke when you talk about Shawn Brace. Don’t the comments from here mean people don’t like Shawn and 97.5 management should look at that too??? We commenters are listener and readers. Respect our opinion!

    1. Don’t disagree, RSD. But the comments are a small percentage of the votes. In Macnow’s case, he’s better more established than Ike or Mike on radio. Paul Jolovitz is not.

      1. Macnow hasn’t been able to sustain a show since Jody left the first time. He is a pompous ass, which is why he lost his drive time gig. They should have sacked that idiot Gargano with him.

        975 appeals to a younger audience, so Brace might be attractive to that, but he won’t last in the long haul/

        Mike and Ike is one of the worst, most un-listenable shows ever on radio.

  13. I just love watching these early NCAA tournament games with loads of empty seats in the lower level of the arenas. It really does a lot to show how much people give a shit to attend these early round games.

  14. There were times when Sean Brace was Missanelli’s producer that I felt bad for him because of his poor delivery and lack of knowledge. He knows little or nothing about sports (or life events) that occurred prior to his lifetime.
    Get a clue and read a book why don’t you.

    1. Think you’ve pretty much nailed why people don’t like Brace. He is the embodiment of the very ignorant that refuses to better educate themselves.

      1. Yeah, he was brutal as a producer. His favorite line was “Good Call, Good Call” Always wanted his mic shut off.

  15. Do you think Josh Innes would suffocate Colleen Wolfe during a lovemaking session?

  16. The Skversky vs Harris matchup is so shitty, I had to abstain from voting. Also, the Marks vs Brace matcup should be canceled and both sides eliminated immediately due to their unconscionable awfulness.

  17. Everything Brace eats from a vender that supposedly sends food to the station is the best thing ever. I am sure he says the same thing about Mark’s ball sack.

  18. How did Brace actually win. That wannabe wigger was probably sitting there clicking votes for himself for 8 straight hours. He is the most clueless person on sports radio or television and did you ever see him shoot hoops or kick field goals? Besides having zero sports knowledge, this ass clown has ZERO athletic ability.

  19. That’s Awesome! Come join me tonight at Pitcher’s Pub for $2 Miller lites and bring your girl so I can fuck her in the bathroom.

  20. Don’t sleep on Mike Gill. I know he’s part-time in Philly but he does a really nice job on 97.3 ESPN in South Jersey. If the NJ vote comes in, expect an upset. Or, you know, not.

  21. Malaysian flight MH370 just landed here. Tell Don Lemon the only black hole he should be talking about is the one he plowed last night.



      Myrtetis made it because the staff at 97.5 is filled with no-talent, no-name trainees. Kyle should have just picked the “best” 64 people for this bracket, not 16 names from each category. The 97.5, writers, and to some extent WIP brackets are filled with minor-leaguers. Meanwhile, where are Rob Charry, Ron Burke, Paul Domowitch, John Boruk, Keith Jones, Marcus Hayes, and John Smallwood?


    1. After getting steamed by Jolly, Rhea was a bitch at work today. She’s normally so pleasant, knowledgeable, and fun to be around!


  23. March Madness? What’s that? I’m going dancing at Mad River in Manayunk tonite!!! TURN UP!!!

  24. I hate Rhea. She is supper annoying. Not sure why people like her. She is hate the face and hate her one line rude comments (sarcasm) about her cohosts. Very rude lady. She thinks she books all guest so she is special. GET A LIFE RHEA! PHILLY HATES YOU!

  25. It’s great how Brace has to put politics on a fucking sports station all the time!

  26. Kyle now you know why Rhea lost in first round! Not because top seed detractors but because people of philly don’t like Rhea. So I want you to clarify in you blog post that not due to top seed detractors but due to Rhea her self…..

  27. These comments are so rude, grow up you assholes. I bet none of yous could get any of the women you r bashing, grow up losers

  28. I’ve had many people tell me that they can tolerate Cataldi’s schtick, but they won’t listen to The Morning Show simply because of Rhea. She is indeed rude, arrogant, and a man-hater. It is not coincidence that she has evoked so many similar comments here.

    She says three sarcastic words over and over; “Astonishing”, “Shocking”, and “Jackass”.
    Sorry, that’s not talent.

    1. I heard Rhea and Joseph got divorced – she never mentions him anymore at all. I wonder what caused that???

    2. Yes, and Whis Creeler/Chris Wheeler would know “no-talent” when he sees it!


  29. Any SB lookalikes out there that want to come film a quick scene with me? Trust me, it’ll be quick

  30. Rhea is brutal. She has lost another husband due to her smoking and bar hopping. Her kid is going to get beat up his whole life for getting named Clarke and being a red head. Al morganti cannot get a sentence out of his mouth without laughing. Natalie Egenoff is not a smoke show. She can’t even read a cue card is average looking at best. Small rack and bad face. Gayle cataldi is not attractive. She is a 4 at best. Susie Celek looks like a transvestite and has no rack at all. At least Julie dorenbos has big tits and love to show them off. In all wip is full of frauds.

    1. Your ideas intrigue me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

    2. She got divorced because she smokes?? That can’t be the real reason. Also, I have seen Angelo’s wife and she is way more attractive than him; he should be grateful.

  31. All this bracket it doing is making me depressed at the horseshit level of talent on radio and TV here. I honestly feel bad for Ellis. I used to like listening to him in the evenings but that show with Cuz is beyond garbage. I thought Macknow was the big problem but I was way off. The Cuz is like listening to a 12 yr old wanna be, and yet it’s still slightly better than Missanelli.

  32. Did you ever play the Cuz drinking game? He says awesome one shot, little Ant or mossimo two shots, spags, bob means jobs, or cousin Boo, three shots. If he says he talked too a good source last night just drink a glass full. By the time 4 o’clock rolls around your wasted! And good luck Rob Ellis, your now working with the partner killer!

  33. Where’s my comment? I just posted a LONG comment, and I don’t see it. I back-arrowed and submitted it again, only to get the message “looks like this is a duplicate comment that you already submitted”

    So where is it?

  34. I didn’t even vote for the 7/10 polls (except Ellis/Graham), because they are 6 irrelevant names that I have no opinion of either way. They should have all been 1st-round fodder for the higher seeds.


  35. Here’s a Skversky pretty-boy story:

    A few years ago I was at a Phillies game, and near the dugout after the game. Skversky is on the field near the rail waiting to interview one of the players. While he’s waiting, he pulls out a lady’s compact mirror and primps his hair before going on cameras. What a sweet wuss!

    On the other hand, maybe he just didn’t want to appear like a wreck on-camera. For example, it appears that Dei Lynam and Jennapqz7fer Fredricks do not even OWN a comb!


  36. Anyone else find it strange that there are 300 more votes in the TB game and almost a 1000 more than most match ups? TB on the comp all night?

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