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The delay in announcing the winners from Round 2 voting yesterday has stemmed from some alarming voter irregularities. In the 1-8 matchup in the WIP Region between the one seed, Angelo Cataldi, and the eight seed, Josh Innes, we have major, MAJOR discrepancies.

While there is no “limit” to the number of times one can vote, we have yet to run into any sort of rampant ballot box stuffing. Until today. The 1-8 Cataldi-Innes match received an extreme number of votes. In fact, more than double any previous matchup– 9,700. Initially the committee assumed that this came from Innes using his Night Show to campaign for votes– a perfectly legal and encouraged practice. But ’twas not the case:

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It is unclear from whom exactly the additional votes came, but a substantial portion (possibly thousands) came from the same Verizon IP address in Delaware County:

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It goes on like for pages.

Now, it’s very important to note that there is no rule against multiple votes, though the intention here was clearly to stuff the ballot box. There is also no indication that the votes were from Cataldi or even anyone associated with WIP. It is completely possible that it was a fan of Cataldi’s or an Innes hater. Innes actually had a slight lead mid-way through the day yesterday.

We have to award Cataldi the victory since no rules were broken. He was the heavy favorite anyway. But just know, people, that the committee is watching.

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Your Day 8 winners:

WIP Region

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97.5 Region

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TV Region

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Writers Region

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You can view the full bracket here.


On to Day 9 of matchups:

WIP Region

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97.5 Region

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TV Region

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Writers Region

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