Report: LAPD Has Linked Two Murders to Gang Associates of DeSean Jackson

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Everyone wondered why I included’s Eliot Shorr-Parks in the Field of 64. Certainly not as well known as some other local writers, Eliot just cranks out good work. Today is no different.

Eliot is reporting that twice since 2010, the LAPD has talked to DeSean Jackson about gang related murders. Jackson was not a suspect in either case, but one murder was by a Jaccpot (Jackson’s record label) rapper and the other took place at a house “owned or leased by a member of Jackson’s family.”

Sources told Eliot that the Eagles were concerned over Jackson missing meetings, his work ethic and chemistry with teammates. When they looked into those things, that’s when they discovered some troubling connections:

Acting on unspecified information that Jackson might have knowledge of Shakir’s activities on the night of Watson’s murder, LAPD detective Eric Crosson said he interviewed Jackson on the phone in late 2011. Crosson wouldn’t reveal details of that conversation, but he described Jackson as “cooperative at the time.”

Crosson also told that he reached out to the Eagles by phone in early 2011 — even before he interviewed Jackson — as a courtesy to alert them to Jackson’s connection to an alleged killer. He never received a response from the team, he said.

The following year, the Eagles signed Jackson to a five-year, $48.5 million contract extension.

When contacted by on Wednesday, the Eagles issued a statement that they “no comment at this time,” and team officials would neither confirm nor deny whether anyone in the front office had spoken to Crosson about Jackson’s ties to a homicide suspect. On Thursday, a source in the organization said current front-office members had been unaware of Jackson’s links to an alleged killer.

A second murder:

A little over a year after the rising NFL star was interviewed by police about his connection to Shakir, Jackson’s name once again made its way onto the desk of Detective Crosson.

This time, Jackson’s name surfaced as part of an investigation into a 2012 gang-related murder that occurred outside a South Los Angeles business where a party had taken place. The building was owned or leased by a member of Jackson’s family, police said.

During a search of the building, Crosson told investigators found several documents belonging to Jackson, including a car title, a gun permit issued in New Jersey and credit-card receipts.

After discovering the documents, Crosson said he made multiple attempts to contact Jackson by phone, but never was able to connect with the wide receiver. Crosson added that Jackson was never considered a suspect in the crime.

Crosson went on to talk about how Jackson routinely throws up gang signs and described how the two C’s in Jaccpot was to avoid “CK,” which stands for Crip Killer.

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There’s always been this sort of weird undercurrent that Jackson had some involvement with the Crips and that he flashed gang signs in his Instagram photos. Earlier this month, TMZ hopped on that story and actually reported that Jackson was a Crip.

Does this have anything to do with the current trade rumors? Probably. All along fans and media have been searching for a “smoking gun” as to why the Eagles seem so eager to get rid of Jackson. This sort of thing is a good one.

On a related note, I’ve been hearing that the Eagles were quite interested in the ongoing investigation of the burglary at Jackson’s house in January. The inference there is that it was far from a random incident and had something to do with Jackson’s associates– the gang members.

Read Eliot Shorr-Parks’ full story on

But wait, there’s more! You can commemorate DeSean’s gang affiliations with this limited edition t-shirt, which is on-sale for only $15! In fact, make an offer. Any offer. For real. We need to get rid of these, ya digg?



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    1. Big shocker to see a suburban loudmouth like you running your mouth on here about things you are clueless on.

      There’s tons of gangs out there in Abington huh? Give me a fucking break, kid.

    2. Has he done anything illegal? Outside of being in the political or religious field, does your job tell you who you can be friends with? When he does something illegal, let me know. Or is it that your are a little jealous that he makes a lot of money playing football? I would choose the latter!!

    1. Just curious.. WHy is he a thug to you? What thuggish act has he ever been accused of on or off the field. He’s never been arrested. Never spit on a fan. Rothesberger raped several women with a police detail. Is he a thug to you. Or as usual, sex crimes like pedophilia and abductions dont count because they are in you and your ilks nature. Instead of being a hateful twat for the sole purpose of being a hateful twat. Think.

      1. They say he might have gang ties no evidence of it but they have Copper on video saying racial slurs and he gets a new contract is that not backwards?

          1. Phillies2k8,
            Are the Eagles are better or worse team w/o DJaxx?
            DeSean Jackson was a top 10 WR in the NFL last year. Riley Cooper is a racist.
            We kept a racist and released a top 10 WR.
            I want to know why we released DJaxx and I want to hear it from the Eagle organization. What is it that they value from the WR position, because catches, yards and touchdowns aren’t enough for them. As a fan, I’ll admit it, that’s all I care about. Do tell me what is it about this little guy that set you off Eagles? And be real when you tell me. I’m an adult, I want to know.

      2. I’m starting to see that the word “thug” has replaced the N word and is being accepted by society. Why is he a thug? Is it because he’s black? What crime has he committed? Riley Cooper was caught on tape threatening people and calling them the N word, is he a thug also?

  1. Who is “Shakir”? I mean we assume he’s the suspect, but at least give his full name before including him in your quotes. Smh.

    1. Why would the Eagles release this? Dumbass. They’re trying to get rid of DeSean and this his going to hurt his stock. If anything, they would want to cover this up

  2. Banish him to the Raiders or Ravens where he can be part of their Criminal Locker Room Culture. Desean should have went to college at “The U”.

        1. Come on Vinnie… Go hit yourself in the head with a hammer for calling someone else dumb.

    1. Are you stuck in a timewarp somewhere in 1983?

      The Raiders only criminal element as of late was Rolando McClain and he’s long gone.

      The Raiders are sparkly clean compared to the team on the westside of the Bay.

      Aldon Smith shooting up parties and crashing cars.
      Ahmad Brooks going upside a teammates head with a bottle and threatening to shoot him……allegedly.
      Chris Culliver is the most recent. He ran over a cyclist and fled the scene. After another driver followed him, he confronted that person with brass knuckles.

      But yeah, stay stuck in the 1980’s pal and think the Raiders are the bad guys.

  3. “There’s always been this sort of weird undercurrent that Jackson had some involvement with the Crips and that he flashed gang signs in his Instagram photos”

    Also suspected to be gang members: Every drunk sorority girl in America.

  4. Who cares? Until he’s arrested he’s the best receiver on the Eagles. The other two clowns can’t take a double team.

    In fact, give Jackson a new contract.

        1. Racist idiots everyone knows the code for Monday’s. He’s a good player. Maybe back in the day he was associated. But he doesn’t forget where he came from. I wouldn’t!

          1. For the people who don’t know. Monday = “N” word. But my question is, why not just say the “N” word, because that is what you are wanting to say. I would rather you just say the word, because the intent has the same meaning.

    1. totally agree hes the best wide out on the eagles and outperforms most receivers in the league and until hes found guilty of something or says hes a crip everyone needs to hop off his nuts and let the man live his life god damn social media can ruin someone even if there is no evidence….shit is absurd

  5. This is not shocking. I don’t care how good of a talent he is, you have to unload the filth immediately. When you start connecting the dots and have alleged links to murders… its time to say goodbye. Howie and Chip should have their hands ready to hit the cut button, before they have to provide any more damage control for the organization.

  6. So much for the record label not getting in the way of football!!

    Conspiracy Theory: “Record Label” was a front for money laundering gang money.

  7. I’m never going to understand these guys. You have the world by the balls, millions upon millions of dollars, women, fame, and you play a game for a living yet you never break free of your past life. Your so called “boys” leech off of you, your millions get spent, and you always end up in some kind of trouble.

    1. Jackson is plain stupid and dumb. It comes through everytime he opens his mouth. If he did not play football, he would be a full-time Crip.

    2. Of course you won’t because you’re not one of them and don’t have a clue. You think somebody’s “boys” are the only leeches? Give me a break. Everybody from the jumpoffs to the people trying to associate with him to make a name to the “writers” trying to use people like him to make a name as “journalists” are leeches.

      You think the only people who are leeches are the ones trying to get money directly from the player? Gossip rags like this site wouldn’t even exist without players like DeSean Jackson, and neither would “writers” who pander to the lowest-common-denominator like the person running this blog. That’s a leech.

    1. Yes, Marshawn Lynch is also in a gang. Cris Carter mentioned on ESPN that having gang members as teammates in the NFL wasn’t that unusual. He said he had gang teammates where one was a Crip and another was a Blood, but they were able to keep their gang rivalries away from locker room and it wasn’t a problem.
      I can remember when Tom Izzo (head b-ball coach at Mich State) blew a gasket when one of his best players was sitting with about 20 other All-Americans for a pre-season photo session at Sports Illustrated. Dude was flashing gang signs for the cameras, while wearing his college jersey. That is just being an A-Hole.

  8. DeSean if you’re reading this call me! I don’t give a fuck if you’re a crack smoking hooker raping gangbanger.

  9. Why don’t y’all just leave Jackson alone what if he is a gangbanger maybe he had a ruff child hood and didn’t have money so maybe he started making money to support himself none off u know the whole story its all about the media and what they want u to hear

    1. Levi?!? Is that you??

      I hope you’re being sarcastic or else you just went full-blown retard on all of us.

    2. ScottPa get off the computer before you drip Arby’s sauce on the keyboard again

  10. Djax said from this point forward that the “C” he flashes stands for CUT! Now pound your chest!!!

  11. Is everybody missing the fact that Marshawn Lynch is in that picture throwing up a hand-sigh, wearing a mask and a hat that reads “My mind, my nine”…

  12. Y’all a bunch of racist gullible people who don’t know this man from a bag of rocks and feed off whatever the media says.

  13. yes, what those two last aholes said, stay off his case until after he pumps bullets into someone’s head. Just because he hangs w/ Crips, murderers, drug pushers and degenerates, and who promotes these ties on social media, you dontz gotz benuthins on hims! Thats a cue too Pound your chest again!!!

    1. Your credibility is zero given that you have the worst manager in Phillies history as your username.

      So Justin Beiber and every other little wannabe thug in Hollywood is part of a gang then? All of the other players who throw up gang signs that never get commented on are part of a gang? The one guy is a rapper he signed, first of all. It even says that in the article. That’s what people who are trying to make money off of an artist do, they publicly support him and promote themselves along with him, including right after they get out of jail. It’s a common thing in the entertainment industry.

      So every little suburban wigger who spells things that way or uses ghettospeak is part of a gang now too?

      You people will comment on anything without having a damn clue about it.

  14. Desean has done nothing wrong! All you people convicting him in the court of public opinion, just because he is black, are the wrong-doers.

    Instead of taking this opportunity to dump on him and his associates, why not reach out with encouragement to this young man of color.

    When Jesse Jackson intervenes (which you know he will) and the Eagles are forced to pay much more in damages than they would have paid in 2014 salary, I will be the first in line to laugh at all you insensitive racists!


  15. Good for the Eagles .Dudes no good get another wr .quit race baiting your company represents you .you hang around thugs youll be labeled one .Though his production will be miss on the field it would have been a mess down the road .there’s a DEEP wr draft class this year .Kelly is a smart guy .big people beat up little people .And desean has been here 8years no sb .dudes mouth and greed supersedes his talents

    1. It’s just a tad bit amusing that this doesn’t seem to extend to white celebrities.

  16. That’s Marshawn Lynch(U of Cal) in the ski mask in the first picture.

    Also a crip?

  17. Why is the press not digging into Riley Cooper or Joey incognito background, to see if there not affiliated with any white supremacist groups?

    1. Good question! Check Kelce too for hanging out with Cooper and for sending his happy text after Jackson was released.

  18. Is Det. Crosson supposed to call an employer to report if the employee is neither a suspect or a witness? Is Crosson a frustrated jealous athlete and/or racist trying to lynch a brother? I hope Washington whips the smelly Kellys every time and DJ scores records and breaks em every game.

  19. Hey Kyle did the eagles investigate Andy Reid for his association with the two gun-totIng thugs that were his sons? With at least one of being a heroin user? That and the retention of the racist comment-making Riley cooper makes the eagles organization look extra stupid for lynch-cutting their best receiver, one of their all time

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