Silent Killers: The Stuff Hanging From Arena Ceilings

I’ve always, always been fearful of stuff hanging from arena ceilings. Go ahead, take a look up next time you’re at a Flyers or Sixers game (OK, no one goes to Sixers games)– it’s like a puppeteer got drunk and decided to see how many really heavy things he could hang from just handful of steel beams. Dance, swinging speakers! Dance! 

Anyway, that horror script aside, there’s a lot going on up there. The scoreboard fell once in Buffalo. That’s the worst possible scenario. But no one ever feared those nets that hang above the glass to protect fans at hockey games. Oh, irony:

A section of the TD Garden’s protective netting fell onto the crowd at the end of the Bruins game on Thursday, injuring two spectators, Bruins spokesman Matt Chmura said in a statement.

The patrons were two women in their 20s who sustained minor injuries from the falling netting, police said.

Photo gallery after the jump.


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  1. Maybe it’s that I’m squeamish around blood or the fact that I’ve lived a sheltered life and haven’t seen the horrors of war… but those don’t look like “minor injuries.”

    1. the crown of her must have taken the brunt of that metal pole, falling from such a height, im surprised it wasnt worse! also, im very disppointed that this post has been up as long as its been and some delusional gun lover has yet to chime in with their usual and surly response of, “well, maybe we should ban all protective netting now at games.”

  2. Bizarre that the first picture doesn’t even look like the same chick as in the other ones. Not to mention she looks 40 in that first one. Then again, blood streaming down your face will change the appearance i would assume.

  3. Check out all the fuckin bling on both the first aid chick and the one that got cracked. Rich people problems.

    1. And I’m sayin this wasn’t just random shit falling from sky, most likely a slightly premature changeover from hockey to a Monster Truck race or some shit. Curious timing for that bar to “fall”.

  4. Damn! She got nailed. Was this long after the game because there’s nobody around? Looks like one of the ice girls came to her aid.

  5. Philly 5, Boston 9 – even with the lacerations.

    Boston Irish are notoriously pretty quick with the backhands to their wives, this may not be the fault of the net.

  6. One thing you don’t have to worry about at the Wells Fargo Center is championship banners falling down from the ceiling.

  7. Congrats. These broads can now pay off their college education. Hell, they’ll probably have enough left over from the lawsuit to buy a nice condo in BAWSTON

  8. Looks like her and her friend decided to make their way down to the ice to try and get picked up by the players (seriously, who dresses like that at a hockey game) after the game ended. Back to the nosebleeds pigeons, or in this case the hospital first.

  9. Guess that’s the price to pay to be a Boston sports fan, suck it up you spoiled brat you’ve won a title in ever major sport like 200 times.

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