I’ve always, always been fearful of stuff hanging from arena ceilings. Go ahead, take a look up next time you’re at a Flyers or Sixers game (OK, no one goes to Sixers games)– it’s like a puppeteer got drunk and decided to see how many really heavy things he could hang from just handful of steel beams. Dance, swinging speakers! Dance! 

Anyway, that horror script aside, there’s a lot going on up there. The scoreboard fell once in Buffalo. That’s the worst possible scenario. But no one ever feared those nets that hang above the glass to protect fans at hockey games. Oh, irony:

A section of the TD Garden’s protective netting fell onto the crowd at the end of the Bruins game on Thursday, injuring two spectators, Bruins spokesman Matt Chmura said in a statement.

The patrons were two women in their 20s who sustained minor injuries from the falling netting, police said.

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