UPDATE: Some in Florida are Not Too Happy That the Phillies Game is Still On Despite IMMINENT TORNADO DEATH

Voila_Capture 2014-03-06_12-41-43_PM Voila_Capture 2014-03-06_12-41-27_PMLots of nasty weather in Florida today. Because the Phillies are the Phillies, their game against the Yankees this afternoon hasn’t yet been rained out despite a forecast of, well, rain. And tornados. Some of the beats don’t seem too happy about it. Here’s the story told almost exclusively via Tweets… which is somehow different than anything else I do on this site.

[UPDATE: Split squat today. Some are in Clearwater, some in Lakeland.] [UPDATE 2: Storm images after the jump.]

Side note: Is it sad that besides Ben Revere and, I think, Freddy Galvis I can’t name anybody else in this photo?

We’ll bookend this Storify with Tweets from Ginger Zee, because, yeah, she’s hot.



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  1. Gonna go way out on a limb and say that the bald guy behind Ben…. in the “..ollins” jersey is Jimmy Rollins… Other than that I agree.

  2. I think he meant he can’t recognize any of their faces you to goombas. Kyle why the hell does the G shirt and that do you believe shirt have to be that ugly color,,, I bought the USA shirt the color matches with well shit o I don’t know, absolutely fuckin* nothing…. can you make that shirt in white or orange or black or anything but the inside of my aSshole

    1. Wow. You may want to reread that post and consider why you skipped classes as a kid.

      1. The text matches the rage. Remember he’s the one who bought that crappy T-shirt. I like it.

        1. Lumpy, enough with all the fucking negative comments. If you don’t like Kyle, stop reading HIS site and quit posting criticisms. He sells T shirts that you don’t like – we get it. You also seem to take issue with Kyle being a “media whore” and promoting his website all the time. It’s his for profit website – why wouldn’t he try to increase traffic and create a Crossing Broad brand. Kyle never stated this site was going to be exclusively about sports analysis so I’m not sure why you and others get up in arms when it is “too TMZish.”

          You seem to have some pretty strong feelings about what this site should be. Maybe you should hop on GoDaddy.com, buy PhillyMookSports.com and post all your own Negadelphia bullshit. You could even create T-shirts and specialize in not acknowledging people who talk about your site.

          For those who don’t know where I’m coming from, here are some examples of Lumpy7’s comments that would probably make Mike Missanelli diagnose him as a “latent homosexual” in need of therapy.

          3/4: Guys Kyle-the-journalist got caught not knowing what the fuck he’s talking about (yet again) so he’s now checked down to “Comic Buffoon” mode. It’s the only out he has other than, you know, actually admitting he’s an incorrect narcissistic douche. So anyway please proceed on down that hole Kyle, we’re listening.

          3/4: Must really like that phrase and credit yourself for thinking it up, you use it every time you write about the Flyers…Jesus dude, how small is the box you think in?

          3/3: “I’ll go ‘easy’ on Bob Ford (yea-ok you fucking loser, you’re in the same class as Ford), but the point of my self-aggrandizing word-vomit is that it’s justified for me to be a troll-y bottom feeder because other bottom feeder’s exist and they’ll sink lower than me of I don’t out-bottom them so that makes anything I do to exploit anyone OK.”
          Do we have that right?

          3/3: On Kyle posting the Riley Cooper Video

          “…what was undoubtedly a newsworthy event”.
          Really? How was that newsworthy? What was the actual news value?
          I get Nat-Enquirer-y or TMZ-y, or “I’m gonna be the biggest whore in this whole whor-y scenario”, but actual legit news? How so?

          And “10% of Eagles fans had a problem with me”?
          You do mean “10% of the 0.0005% of Eagles fans who’d even recognize my name”, right?
          Big difference.

          2/27: But Kyle needed those page hits to pay his bills!
          Jus needed em!

          2/25: But the past few months have revealed (Kyle) to be just another snarky, entitled suburban punk with huge inferiority complex who’s resisted finding a real job while getting way too caught up in faux ‘local media fame’…But that’s exactly Kyle’s biz model, and it works….bottom-feeder tabloid-y without the pesky overhead of any actual writers. He gets his page views and the rest of us get a break from the work day to laugh at a buffoon, so everybody wins. He doesn’t aspire to be Edward Morrow, he aspires to be Kato Kaelin or Snookie….fame for fame’s sake then trade on that.

          1. I REALLY hope you didn’t spend the time going through old posts to find all those comments.

            Because, if you did, you have much bigger problems than lumpy does.


            It’s the internet.

            It’s an inconsequential blog on said internet.

            It REALLY doesn’t matter that much.

          2. No I didn’t go through old posts but something about Lumpy really annoys me. After his super long post about Kyle being an entitled douche media whore, I figured when I saw Lumpy’s negative comments I would copy and paste them into a draft email. It seemed like they were frequent but it really stuck out after I put them in one place. I’m aware this is the internet and I still find it odd that somebody would go to a site multiple times a day and post the equivalent of “you suck, can’t wait to read your next article and tell you you suck again.” I know it happens on all kinds of sites but that doesn’t mean people who like the site have to put up with it. Criticism is fine but you have to balance it out.

          3. Oh shit I have a fan! Or is is ‘groupie’?
            Disturbing, but I’m busy making you a BFF T-shirt anyway.
            Suppose “Kyle likens himself directly to Shaun White” did get me commenting more honestly, but you still don’t get it. Whether it’s me or ‘Sheena’s Bruised Swollen Labia’, all who call Kyle out on his sloppiness and douchery (exhaustively common and well documented by others) are part of the page-view driving entertainment here. Sorry you don’t like my style, but suck it. Of everything you pasted up there, tell me where I’m wrong.

    2. Kyle, let me take this one. Take another look at the shirt. It has white, orange, and black in the actual design (all important to the main point of the shirt). so if you put the design on a white, orange, black shirt, you will miss out on either the helmet (black), ginger hair/beard (orange), or the teeth and visor (white)…so that’s why ya dingleberry

      1. dude look at the shirt why wouldn’t white work? Or grey?? Any f****** color red anything would be better than the actual one and as for the comments ahead of me, luckily this country absolutely love stupid because I’m 28 years old and happen to own 2 businesses so eat s*** dick face

  3. I was thinking the same thing about Revere’s pic. I think that is Tony Gwynn, Jr. next to Revere and I’m not sure that is Galvis at the table. Other than Revere, Gwynn and snilloR, I don’t recognize anyone in there.

  4. At the very least, this should end the obnoxious taunting about how “perfect” the weather in Clearwater is.


  6. Having suffered through over SIX FEET of snow here in Philly over the past two plus months, I’m having a hard time mustering any amount of sympathy for folks down in Clearwater having a bad afternoon because of a little rain.

  7. Would not have been sad if tornado carried McCarthy into the Gulf of Mexico.

  8. Well you are obviously wrong about the Riley Cooper story being newsworthy. It was reported on every news outlet from Fox to the Huffington Post. I also don’t think people come here to see the same people rip the host for same issues. If you are doing this for our entertainment, at least come up with something new to complain about.

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