Steve Keeley was Nearly Killed By a Snow Plow on Live TV

KeeleyI love Steve Keeley. Not even a near-death encounter with a snow plow will cause him to cut a live shot. He just kept going. Never stopped. Never wavered. HE JUST KEPT TALKING.

Actually, that sort of response is real screwed up. There’s something not human about that. You OK, Steve?

Video after the jump (1:50 mark).
Philadelphia News, Weather and Sports from WTXF FOX 29

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22 Responses

      1. “Make sure a get couple”? You’re an incoherent boob – not unlike Jen Fredricks.


  1. Nice big fake tity kacie’s annoying attention whore acts & jenn Fred being annoying as shit kills that show.
    Keely is the man though

    1. Did Kacie dump Aaron Murray yet since his NFL prospects aren’t looking so hot?
      Figured the poor guy would be history by now for sure.

      1. Last I remember, one of the Phantoms who were up for preseason hockey had mentioned her in a tweet. I guess she’s moved on.

        I didn’t know in both Catholic school and ‘Nova, there was a course on being a floozy and gold digging, since that’s how she comes off to me.

  2. Steve. Is. The. MAN. He and Jerrick are The MEN!! Chris is starting to work it too. Only ones I can’t stand are Jenn Fred and Kacie. Jenn’s just an annoying bitch and Kacie acts like a self-centered floozy.

  3. First… He wasn’t even close to being “nearly killed.” Way to pull in clicks by completely exaggerating.

    Second… He wasn’t in Woodstown, more like Pilesgrove. If you’re from the area, you actually know the difference.

    Third… The dipshit chose to stand on the shoulder of a US Highway with active plowing operations, in an area with a state of emergency and a travel ban in effect.

    So basically… Steve got what he deserved.

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