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Eagles sign Donnie Jones to three-year deal worth up to $6 million.

Eagles cut Patrick Chung.

Eagles sign safety Malcolm Jenkins to three-year deal worth $16.25 million, according to Adam Schefter.

The running commentary is after the jump.


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  1. I really hope they sign Ward. I’m not huge on Revis because of his probably price tag. Best case scenario they sign TJ Ward and draft Pryor. Safety would go from their biggest weakness to one of their biggest strengths…hopefully Pryor is there at 22.

    1. I would like Revis as 10 million per year but he’s going to fetch somewhere over 12 million a year and I don’t think there is enough upside at that price. I like the idea of TJ Ward, and drafting Pryor, though I think you’re going to have to move up 3 or 4 spots.

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  2. So if they’re trying to trade Revis (b/c he doesn’t fit the Tampa 2 scheme) & there are no trade offers, but multiple teams bidding on him once he’s released on Wednesday….why not just trade a 7th round pick for him? Something is better than nothing, right? Is it that they don’t want to pay him 13mil/year? The thing is though, if you trade for Revis’ existing contract than there’s no penalty down the road if you cut him while he’s playing under the contact he negotiated with Tampa Bay. There would be no dead cash against the Eagles cap if they cut him 2 years from now if they traded for his contract from Tampa Bay. Why does that matter? Well the Eagles owe Trent Cole close to 6mil this year due to that contract he signed before Andy was fired. However, if the Eagles cut Trent Cole something like 5.5mil still counts against the cap so there’s really no reason to cut a guy to only save 500k. So if we trade for Revis and he starts pulling a Nnamdi in 2015 or 2016 we could cut him with no penalty against the cap.

  3. Kyle, most times you suck when you whine like a little troll about Nova, but these are the types of threads that I come to your site for. Good stuff. More of these running commentary threads, less bitching about Nova haters please. I am a Nova guy and most of my friends can’t stand Nova solely due to those types of posts, like yesterday for example. It’s exhausting to defend. Thanks.

    1. There aren’t really events every day (or even every week) that you can run one of these constantly updated threads.

      Relax, post superbowl to opening day of baseball sucks every year.

      1. i agree though..running commentary posts are always a favorite of mine on big days…like free agency, trade deadline days etc.

    1. Drop an 8th rounder on a kicker, don’t waste money in free agency… Is there even a free agent kicker out there?

  4. I’m sure the Eagles will do great in free agency with the “best GM in the league”…
    Fuck off Howie

    1. I blame Reid for those bad drafts because Roseman has made great moves and had two really good drafts without Reid.

      1. Dude you are waayyyy off in almost every comment you’ve made in this thread. Roseman has drafted with no Reid influence one season. And Ward is more suited as SS.

        1. I think they took the control away from Andy during the Fletcher Cox/Mychael Kendricks draft because he completely bombed the year before and was a lame duck. That was a great draft as was the past one and it wasn’t a typical Reid type of draft. It had Roseman written all over it.

          Ward is a fucking stud and rated as the 3rd best safety in the NFL by Pro Football Focus last year and the first best safety against the run. He’s a stud and he doesn’t have two bad feet like Jairus Byrd.

          Don’t tell me my fucking business.

          1. Yeah…Probably could’ve just said “Number one safety against the run” there…but I type fast and I think you’re picking up what I’m putting down.

  5. Anyone know why roger goddell is making teams wait until 4pm to sign FA’s????

    1. My Theory – That fucking jerkoff goodell wants to hijack ESPN and Friends to air “breaking news” and rumors all goddamn night. He wants “primetime” news ratings.

      Fuck him

      I loved it when it started at like 10am in previous yrs. Morning/afternoon consisted of rumors, and nights consisted of loving/bitching on sports talk and online about our signings.

  6. All of the Ward lovers out there do realize he’s more suited to play in the box. Stronger in run support and around the line than on the back-end. Play-making safeties are the hardest to find and have the largest impact on passing defense, which is where the Eagles have been lacking most. Byrd fits the mold, Ward not so much. The way the draft mocks look so far, it appears it’ll be easier to get a starting corner at 22 than Pryor or Clinton-Dix. Smart money would be open the check book for Byrd.

    1. He plays your mom’s box just fine, shut the fuck up. You aren’t a scout. Go back to playing Madden you clown.

    2. You do realize the eagles lost the Saints playoff game because they ran the ball all 2nd half, right?

    3. Dennard will be gone at 22. Unless you want to risk it on the Ohio State kid, who probably won’t play much, I doubt you take a CB at 22. Most mocks I’ve seen have the Eagles getting Pryor at 22…I think he’ll be there, but we’ll see.

      You could easily sign Byrd AND Ward, then just draft BPA…They have the money to do so.

  7. yeah poor Kevin Kolb he has fuck you and your mother money and won’t be a crip in his latter years….poor guy.

  8. Fun fact: Demarcus Ware won the FOX Galloping Gobbler Award in 2008. Howie should sign him on that alone.

  9. I heard that when Chung was trying to get his release papers, someone blew by him from 20 yards away and got them instead.

  10. Jaws was just on Mike Miss and he said he didn’t like Jenkins at all, and Jaws loves everyone!

  11. Matt,Spoke with Andy tonight and he told me that your wesitbe was up. FANTASTIC PHOTOGRAPHY!!Looks like some of the photos are from Edinburgh, Scotland that your Dad tells me is one of your favorite places.As you know Andy is due in NJ late tomorrow night so hopefully we’ll see you in the ‘hood.Best of luck!EricCategories

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