Voila_Capture 2014-03-07_09-35-19_AMTake everything you read in the New York Post with a big helping of salt. It goes down better that way. But, for the purposes of a slow Friday morning, we’ll just assume that their Page Six report today is true, that Bob Costas’ red eye thing was a result of a botox injection gone wrong:

Bob Costas got his infamous case of Olympic pink eye from botched Botox, a source claims to Page Six.

NBC’s prime-time Olympics host, who had to take a six-day absence after coming down with viral conjunctivitis in both eyes, contracted the infection after a Botox procedure to smooth out wrinkles prior to the Olympics. Our source said, “Bob’s eye infection was due to botched Botox. This isn’t the first time he’s had it.”

NBC strongly denies that Costas — who arrived to host the games in Sochi with a forehead smoother than the Olympic luge track — developed the infection from a Botox procedure.

A spokesperson from NBC Sports insisted to us, “This has zero truth to this. Zero.”

Probably doesn’t, but it’s on the web now, which means IT HAS GOT TO BE TRUE:

Voila_Capture 2014-03-07_09-25-16_AM

Costas is known to respond to stuff like this, so I say there are two possible follow-ups:

1) Costas responds with a swarmy statement ripping gossip rags like the New York Post.

2) Costas responds with a swarmy statement admitting that, yes, even vertically challenged sportscasters need a little synthetic assistance once they make it into their sixties and are facing 17-straight nights of national TV work. Ends with: Now if only they had a governmentally approved procedure to make me look like Matt Lauer. 

Either way, Costas wins. COSTAS ALWAYS WINS. Write that down.