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Here’s what that card says:

Thank you for being a Phillies fan! This a small token of our appreciation for your loyalty, passion and support! Redeem this coupon for 2 complimentary tickets to any game from April 10 – April 30. Valid in any seating area regularly price at $38 and below. Coupon can be redeemed at any Citizens Bank Park ticket window in advance or on the day of the game. Subject to availability [editor’s note: haha]. Limit 2 tickets per coupon.

Lovely. The baseball team that sold out their stadium for, like, three straight years not too long ago now has reps (ballgirls?) walking around college campuses handing out tickets to anyone who is pathetic enough to wear a P. We are, in my estimation, three weeks away from tickets in hot dog packages. Thanks, Rube.

UPDATE: Since the Phils are just so good at social media, that #RandomPhandom hashtag has really caught on. It has a total of… carry the 2… two Tweets. One of them has nothing to do with the Phillies.

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Good job.

UPDATE 2: Here’s a Reddit thread from the same guy.