Photo credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Add another one to the list.

Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez (whom I predict will never pitch in a regular season game) missed his scheduled spring start today because he experienced soreness yesterday. Todd Zolecki fills out my Phillies Mad Lib:

[proper noun] Gonzalez already has seen a [healthcare professional] doctor, and will see a [same healthcare professional] doctor again [a specific day or date] tomorrow.

“We’re always concerned about guys who are [non-alarming adjective] sore,” Ruben Amaro Jr. said. “But that’s all it is right now. He is [non-descriptive timeframe that is completely meaningless] day-to-day. He experienced some [noun relating to previous non-alarming adjective] soreness in the [relative placement] front of his [body part] shoulder. [statement downplaying concern] We don’t think it’s anything alarming. He was feeling [adjective] better today.”

The Phillies are short on starting pitching depth, but it was highly unlikely Gonzalez would have opened the season in the big leagues anyway. He has not looked close to ready after signing a $12 million contract last summer. He allowed four hits, four runs and two walks in one inning Friday against the Orioles, which was the last time he pitched.