The Rangers Just Made a Ridiculous Trade

Voila_Capture 2014-03-05_11-28-41_AMThe Rangers and Lightning swapped captains. The Rangers will send Ryan Callahan – who, for some reason, was never really appreciated in NY (I frigging love him as a player) – a first and second round pick to the Lightning for Martin St. Louis.

Callahan will be a free agent this summer and reportedly his asking price was too high for the Rangers. St. Louis is having a really good season, but, at 38 and having played in the Olympics, you have to wonder if he’ll run out of gas during a playoff run. He’ll give the Rangers more firepower, for sure, but Callahan is a very good well-rounded player. Trading someone like that at this point of the season doesn’t make sense to me. And they sent two draft picks to the Lightning. What?

St. Louis has a year left on his deal.

The Rangers will receive a conditional pick if the Lightning sign Callahan this summer.


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  1. That’s not the real Bob Mackenzie , although that’s the real trade….no blue check

  2. The best part is. If the Rangers make the eastern conference finals, that 2014 2nd round pick turns to a 1st round pick. The rangers just fucked themselves for a couple years.

  3. Never really appreciated in NY? They loved him up there. They didn’t love him at 7 years X $7 million. Or 6 X $6.5. Which is very smart. He’s a good two way player. But he is not a first line player. And that’s what he wanted to be paid as. Callahan rental plus a second rounder for St. Louis rental is a smart deal. Then you get another year of St Louis for the first round pick.

    The Rangers paid a lot, but I don’t think it’s that awful. The biggest problem is that it’s a 2015 first rounder, and that draft is apparently STACKED.

    1. Yeah, Callahan was definitely a fan-favorite in New York. I don’t know what Kyle’s talking about.

  4. Anyone who follows hockey knew that NY was the only place St. Louis wanted to be traded to so this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Callahan was loved and appreciated by Rangers fans so I’m not sure where you got that from. He was traded because he was asking for a ridiculous contract. He is not a top line player and is one of the more overrated players in the league. Yeah he works hard, is a tough grinder, and gives it his all but he is not a superstar and does not deserve a superstar contract.

  5. I dont understand this move either by the Rangers. From what i read the only thing that was holding up an extension was a full no trade clause. Callahan had come down to 6 million/year. St Louis wanted out bc Yzerman didnt include him on Canadas roster (originally). Pretty sure the only reason he didnt make the roster was bc Crosby wanted his line mate Kunitz on the team, an otherwise very mediocre player. Id take Callahan in a heart beat.
    By the way youd think a Captain of a major market like New York getting traded would make the World Wide Leader’s broadcast, but it doesnt. Shameful

  6. This is an awful move by the Rangers, you could have moved him to a bubble team out West and kept the draft picks.

    On a side note I would love to see Callahan in Orange and Black next year.

  7. On my way to the office this AM I heard that the Lightning traded MSL to the Rangers, but they didn’t say what they got in return. All I could think was, “Why on earth would the Lightning trade him away when they are in the thick of the playoff picture???”

    Now I know. Man, the Rangers botched that trade. Badly. I could have almost understood that trade if it were straight-up one player for the other, but giving away those draft picks on top of that too??? Just stupid.

    As a Flyers fan, I am loving this trade.

    Hey, maybe we can trade Vinny Lecavalier to the Rangers for Mark Staal and two #1 picks!

    Then they can re-name themselves the New York 2004 Lightning!!!

  8. Hey hockey fans…

    How’s your mother’s basement treating you? Did that welcome to flyers country street sign really bring the room together like you hoped it would?

    Pimple faced nerds. Go cut your red hair and continue to jerkoff into the legion of doom t-shirt your grandmom got you in 96

  9. This trade says it all. The Rangers will never win another Cup before Philly wins it’s third.

  10. Drooling over Callahan for his style of play and then bashing all us Flyers fans who love hard nosed grinders with skill and also routinely making jokes about culture change is completely hypocritical. Also, St. Louis played 35 minutes (about 2 games worth of his regular ice time in NHL play) total in the entire Olympics so that point is also retarded.

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