Voila_Capture 2014-03-20_12-49-49_PM

Look, I know the Madness has started and he (she, it?) just wants to watch the games, but my God, this is unacceptable. Just minding my own business, making last minute adjustments to my bracket when I turn and come face to face with the demon. I actually yelled out loud. Meanwhile, my dog, who usually eats these goddamn things, is downstairs on the chair, just chillin’. Yo girl! Daddy’s about to get eaten by a stink bug. Let’s take care of this, expediently. Nope. There’s a window that needs watching (to her credit, she’s protecting the house from bunnies– the real threat to our abode).

I find that if you flick them really hard (the stink bugs, not the bunnies) it concusses them enough to render them incapacitated and prevents them from releasing their stink. So, yeah, basically my entire office is littered with knocked out stink bugs. In other news, my house is now for sale!