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That is the chant that accompanies a tribal drum beat initiated to hasten the trading of supposed team leader Jimmy Rollins.

Following a week in which Hall of Fame manager Ryne Sandberg, who presumably commands respect simply because he’s been there, benched his shortstop ostensibly because he didn’t like the attitude said shortstop displayed in an interview with Ryan Lawrence of the Daily News, there are now questions as to whether the Phillies would be better off trading J-Roll™.

Things appeared to be patched up over the weekend, but yesterday, the idea of trading Rollins, who has at least one year (vesting option for 2015) left on his deal and a no-trade clause, was broached. Rollins no like. He wants to become the Phillies’ all-time hit leader because personal stats and quirky distinctions like that are important to him.

From CSN Philly:

“There’s only 30 guys that are their team’s leader in hits,” Rollins said Sunday. “It’s a pretty high honor.”

The Phillies would be open to moving Rollins because they have Freddy Galvis.

Rollins, 35, is owed $11 million this season and his contract will become guaranteed for another $11 million in 2015 if he reaches 434 plate appearances this season.

Rollins was asked if he envisioned a scenario where he’d OK a trade after becoming the Phils’ all-time hits leader.

“I don’t know,” he said. “If we’re in absolutely last place with nowhere to go and change is obviously on the horizon, then at that point I’d think about it. But anything short of a complete disaster, I’m wearing red and white pinstripes.”

Translation: Do you have any idea how cool a “franchise all-time hit leader” plaque would look hanging in my crib? No way I’m I accepting a trade no matter how much the manager hates me. What’s he ever done anyway?

That portion of the story precedeeded this article today from Buster Olney:

Rollins was benched on three successive days last week by Ryne Sandberg, who is entering his first full season as the Phillies manager. The two talked and Sandberg downplayed the notion of a rift.

“[He’s] an important part of the team. He’s got his role on the team as a veteran player, and he comes into spring training in very good shape every year, and he has again this year,” Sandberg told MLB.com. “He’s got his playing time and at-bats coming up. It’s also a long season playing up the middle, so with him and Chase [Utley], I’m careful with their days. I know the grind of a season, and Jimmy plays over 150 games a year. It’s the time of the spring right now where he’ll have some time down the stretch.”

However, sources indicate that some in influential positions in the Phillies’ organization want Rollins to lead, by investing himself more thoroughly in daily work and setting a strong example for others. If Rollins isn’t going to do that, the sentiment of some is that the team would be better off moving him as soon as possible.

Last week, one local writer noted that Rollins is routinely one of the last players to show up to the ballpark (though never late). Rollins obviously reached a point in his relationship with Charlie Manuel where his laid back attitude and approach wasn’t a problem. But that’s not the case with Sandberg. So now we have the trade Rollins drum. And it’s beating.