Voila_Capture 2014-03-05_06-00-30_PMI’ve been beating this drum for years: the Eagles really, really need to do something about the Midnight Green and embrace the whole Nike design aesthetic. And since Christina Lurie, a big proponent (read: the reason) for the MGs, is now outside the circle of trust (replaced with a younger, more exotic being!), help may be on the way, dear.

It’ll be Nike’s job whenever it happens. But for now, one graphic designer, Jesse Alkire, has taken it upon herself to mock up some concepts*, and the results are pretty outstanding:

Voila_Capture 2014-03-05_06-00-44_PM

I don’t like the shape of the wings– they’re too Oregon. The colors– too Michigan State. But this is a really good start.

Alkire explains:

A lighter, more nimble look for the Eagles leaves behind the often clunky and heavy mix of dark green and black. Silver shoulders feature stitching representative of wings. An aerodynamic custom letter and number type, with strong edges and points reminiscent of an eagle’s tapered feathers.

Good stuff. Modern, not too ridiculous, almost Kelly Green.

See the rest of Alkire’s NFL concepts here.

*Logo and uniform concepts have become the hipster thing on the webzzzzzzz. All good for now, but we’re one “NBA logos as K-Cup lids” portfolio away from them jumping the shark.

via (@TheMightyEROCK)