UPDATE: Jimmy Rollins Made it to Dallas


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  1. Anyone who boos this man for missing opening day due to the birth of his child is heartless. I love philly and hate the philly fan stereotypes, but this would be one way to add to it.

  2. Look at Kyle’s punk ass making something out of nothing. Way to try to manufacture controversy, jerkoff.

  3. Can’t fault him for that, family first. Also this is a game in April not Aug,Sept, or Oct.

  4. Kyle, you’re way off on this one…he should absolutely leave the team for the birth of his child…not like it’s the World Series…we won’t sniff one of those for another decade or so…

  5. Kyle I love Crossing broad but this is pretty bad even for your no standards. I would miss anything and everything to be there for the birth of my child, its just a baseball game and we’re not going to win 60 of them this year any f****** way come on man don’t create news

  6. I read this was a possibility like 5 weeks ago. Apparently, modern medicine has narrowed down the human gestation cycle to 9 months, enabling these prediction windows.

    Hopefully we can still beat the Rangers without Stroll’s 3 infield flies and 1 meaningless double.

    1. 1 for 4 with a double would be and ops of .750 which sadly I would take in a heartbeat

  7. Does anyone recall what happened when he had the first baby? I believe the MLB collective bargaining agreement gives a player either 4 or 5 calendar days off for the birth of a child.

    Jimmy took the maximum, including an entire series in St. Louis, and pissed Uncle Cholly off big time.

    So, expect him to do the same again, take every minute he’s allowed to by the untion rules, probably causing him to miss 3-4 games. By this time next week, it’ll be a full-fledged carnival for the talk shows and blogs.

    Expect to hear this from Dan Baker if this extends into their first home game: “Ladies and Gentlemen, at shortstop for the Pheeladelpheea Pheeleees………Jaaaaayson Nixxxxxxxxx….”

    1. Damn, if I knew about this paternity rule, I would have NEVER had to play in any games.

    2. So… Who fuxkkn cares.. In pray my wife gets pregnant and when she does I’ll take two weeks off

  8. If this was Chase Utley, Kyle would have a post about what an amazing dad he is.


  9. I’ve been a fan of this blog for a long timI usually agree with what you post on this site, and I’ve defended against the haters more than once, but are you fucking serious with this shit? I get page views and all that. But shamelessly fishing for trolls about something that shouldn’t be an issue against a player that already has enough unwarranted disrespect thrown at him? Would this even be a post if Chase Utley left the team to be with his wife who was about to give birth? Oh right. Chase would have planned it so it wouldn’t fall anywhere near the beginning of an irrelevant season because Chase knows how to play the game the right way.

  10. As a candidate to be your next governor I applaud Jimmy’s decision. Most blacks don’t stay around to the 3rd trimester let alone the child’s birf. Your phillies Fuccing blow anyway,

  11. So he puts his wife and child first for a day or two? Big freakin’ deal. He isn’t hanging out with Crips, is he?

  12. I have no issue with this. No one else should either. I’d have more of an issue with Jimmy as a person if he missed he birth of his child to play in game 1 of 162.

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