Voila_Capture 2014-03-05_02-38-06_PMThat’s not a real account.* Thomas Vanek was not traded to the Penguins. He was traded to the Canadiens. But, of course, some people fell for it– Tim Panaccio (CSN) and Mike Sielski (Inquirer). They both retweeted it without a second thought. THOMAS VANEK TO THE PENGUINS. No.

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Ohhhhhh, Mike. I can’t stay mad at you what with your incisive Holmgren commentary. But Tim… you should know better. You’ve been through this trade deadline thing once or twice before, yes?

*And yes, I am fully aware that earlier I posted a screenshot of a fake account with details of a real trade. The trade was already a done deal and widely reported. That Tweet just happened to be one of the few with all the particulars in 140 characters, and it’s still on the site… because it’s accurate.