Dude from Delaware Bantam team lays out a kid from Hollydell (according to a reader) and then proceeds to dance around the ice like an absolute asshole. You may need to watch closely after the hit around the 10 second mark– you’ll see what looks like a sprite in a glitchy video game that randomly goes into goal celebration mode while the puck is still in the neutral zone. Did I see a little Stephane Matteau Game 7 double-overtime celebration in there? I think I did. That’s messed up. Real messed up. That kid’s father or mother should probably hit him with a belt. Dead serious. Hit that kid with a belt. Nip that behavior in the bud before it manifests itself as an axe-wielding killing spree later in life.

Side note: I love how the parents are yelling at the ref, who is probably 18. How about going over and FUCKING SCREAMING at that kid’s parents? That’s what I would do. I’m going to be a real terrible hockey dad.