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Looks like a run!

Consider this post your daily dose of liquid antibiotic– it’s necessary but will taste real bad.


Cole Hamels

He’s not dead. He threw a bullpen today, according to the beats. He hurled a whopping 20 pitches and is still in early spring training mode… but he “feels really good” and his arm is still intact. So that’s relatively good news.


Jimmy Rollins

Ryan Lawrence of the Daily News points out that Rollins wasn’t in the lineup yesterday, isn’t in the lineup today and won’t be in the lineup tomorrow (already posted). If you’re good at math, you’ll note that is three straight days out of the lineup for a guy who is 0-12 this spring and apparently not worried about it. Hmm.


Kevin Frandsen

Easily the most sensitive Phillie, though I think this was a mostly good-natured exchange with Phillies beat writer Matt Gelb:

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And finally, yesterday:

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Phillies. Yeah!

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