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Perhaps only divine intervention can explain this photo being released to the world today (via TMZ)– Jeff Carter and Mike Richards, along with Kings teammates Trevor Lewis and Jarret Stoll, on the set of the new Entourage movie, which I’m predicting will get 6% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.

Here we see a decidedly evolved Carts. Gone are the v-neck t-shirts, giant fists and drunk faces. Replacing them is a quiet confidence that this tamed species has earned through a Stanley Cup victory, gold medal win, and a girlfriend who owns this pair of grey pants:

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So now, not even the blondes in this photo – not the saggy-breasted nor the fake-breasted – can tempt the new grown-up Carts. He’s changed so much in the few years since we last saw him. If this were 2010, he’d be sipping a Miller Lite and grabbing the chest of the girl with the tassels. But now? The reserved Carts, who’s been replaced with a guy named Cooter, just lets his friends have all the fun. Which Mike Richards is totally cool with.

Tonight, the ambiguously wild duo returns to the Wells Fargo Center. Kings-Flyers. 7 p.m.

via (@stevelepore)