Bruins fan and Redditititititor, Krejci_Train (great name), recounts his experience at the Flyers game on Sunday:

Dear Flyers Faithful,

While obviously a fan of a different team posting in your subreddit might seem like a bit of a strange thing to do, I wanted to personally thank you and your community for an exemplary experience this weekend. I traveled from Boston to Philadelphia in order to visit my cousin who lives in the area and he offered to take me to the Flyers-Bruins game yesterday.

I had never seen a hockey game in another team’s arena before yesterday and needless to say, I was a bit nervous. Not necessarily because it was the Flyers stadium, but rather because hockey fans are passionate by nature and that stepping into any NHL arena with the opposite jersey on can invite some flak.

This could not have been farther from reality. I was treated with a huge degree of respect and friendliness. Fans asked me where I was from, welcomed me to Philadelphia and hoped I enjoyed the game. I got the chance to joke around and talk hockey with a few Flyers fans in my row and section at intermission and on several occasions I was offered advice on what restaurants in the stadium to eat at, where the restrooms were, etc.

Aside from a very small handful of negative comments on the concourse (I simply ignored these, as I had way too many positive experiences to lean on the words of just 2 random fans), I had an absolute blast and was overwhelmed by the kindness from other fans, despite the fact I had my Bruins jersey on.

My one regret is that such a great game had to end in a shootout of all things, but I was so impressed with the city’s devotion to this team and the monumental effort from the Flyers players, especially with a late-period goal to tie the game! It is very clear to me that you all love your team as much as I love mine, if not more so on your part. What impresses me most is that your passion is not so much directed negatively at fans of other teams, but so very positively toward your own team.

In summary, I just want to thank you all for your generosity and respect and for making my first game away from home one to remember! Also for all the Crabfries. Lots and lots of Crabfries.



YOU SHOULD ALL BE ASHAMED… well, wait a minute. You mean to tell me this guy wore his Bruins jersey to The Well and made it out alive? Huh. Weird. You’d think he at least would’ve been pelted with some snow balls or something.