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And this post doesn’t even include a Joshua Harris reference! Oops…

Laura Goldman of Naked Philadelphian passed along this picture of Jeffrey Lurie, his disproportionately younger and more attractive wife, Tina, Darth Vader Comcast CEO Brian Roberts, Mrs. Vader, and World Bank President Jim Yong Kim. The photo was taken at a fundraiser for Project Home, a charity that aims to end homelessness in Philadelphia through donations and swanky parties where the mega rich swap stories about how mega rich and powerful they are and discuss plans to put in place policies that, ostensibly, make people homeless. And, you know, where they eat $1,000 lobster tails.

Also in attendance were Jon Bon Jovi, huge weirdo David Gregory, Bob Casey, Michael Nutter, and Phillies owners Bill Giles and the rarely-seen John Middleton, who I’m pretty sure is bankrolling Cliff Lee’s contract out of change found in his sofa.

Goldman has more on the dinner, including a picture of Middleton, who apparently opts to sit out of camera view behind home plate at Phillies games.