Local web series producer and food blogger Lee Porter has once again compiled his Citizens Bank Park beer list. You may be familiar with Lee’s work– last year, I went around with him as he charted every beer in the ballpark during the On-Deck series. This year, he had only one night to get it done– last Friday against the Pirates.

He notes that there is a MEGA CAN invasion at the ballpark, with choices ranging from horrific 25 oz. Budweisers to Goose Island (owned by Anheuser Busch-InBev) to Shock Top (owned by Anheuser Busch-InBev) to Brooklyn, Sam Adams and Troegs. Lee writes:

What does this all mean for you, the loyal Phillies/beer fan? Well, at first glance, due to the addition of a ton of mega cans, there appears to be less 12 ounce bottles and thus fewer local beers at Brewerytown locations. Secondly, rest assured, ALL local breweries are still represented in draft form throughout the ballpark. Third, after further “examination” (drinking), it means that you’ll enjoy a larger variety of beer at most standard kiosks/stands, not just the specialty stands. In year’s past, you’d have to race to certain locations to find a variety of beers. Now, you’ll always be able to fall back on some refreshing large cans at any location, like Goose Island and Stella brews.

Lee doesn’t include lousy domestics on his list (the cutoff is Stella, he told me last year). But he does break down selections by draft, bottle and can, and includes little details like where to find limes. And in fact, this year, the list is less of a list and more of an (outstanding!) searchable chart, organized by location. He even has dynamic search on this bad boy. For real, I had to give myself a timeout when this happened:



Check out the full list. Bookmark it, too. Lee will be updating throughout the season.

You can also check out Lee’s work at ChocolateCoveredMemories.com and MyRuinedLife.com.