Couldn’t find a place to put these. So here you go.

John Oates rocked a Phillies guitar on Jimmy Fallon Monday night:

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James Franklin now has a douchey photo to pass out to targets. I know Chip and Tomlin! Come to Penn State!

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via Penn State


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A reader sent this in. Two thoughts: 1 No. 2) Make Herrs Yours?

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Ryan Braun may be my code word for turning into sort of the Manchurian Candidate and going on a violent battery-throwing spree which I will eventually forget.

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Terrible, terrible jersey there… but Shane is in a much better position right now than his former teammate, Dante Cunningham, who was arrested twice last week— once for domestic abuse and once for making terroristic threats. \\//

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You stay classy, South Florida. H/T to to very Italian sounding readers (@jasoncolletti24), (@Bcappuccio21), (@bobbyd2434), (@acoustchris)

Finally, Sidney Crosby’s most pathetic moments, just for the hell of it