Andrew MacDonald Inadvertently Encapsulates the Flyers’ Negotiating Process

Photo: Flyers
Photo: Flyers

Newly rich Flyers defenseman Andrew MacDonald explains what it’s like to do business with Flyers Savings and Humongous Loan:

“We kind of hashed it out a couple different ways. Ended up finishing on 6 [years]. I felt like a good, long-term commitment was great for me and they agreed with it.”

Paul Holmgren, always playing hardball. You want four years, Andrew? Don’t think we can do that. How about six?


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  1. besides the contract number being ridiculously high (30 million), wouldn’t 6 years instead of 4 keep the overall cap hit lower?

  2. I dont get it. Everyone bitches about them signing 35 year olds to 6 year contracts (and rightfully so) they sign a 27 year old in his prime, in a league where good dmen are hard to find, who has played pretty well for us, and everyone is bitching? This is the kind of money dmen get now. Carle got 33 million when he left. Not to mention that Kimmo and possibly grossman will be gone next year. Who else is on the market thats better/we can get for cheap? And guess what? If we do manage to snag a ufa guy like Weber, were gonna have to pay out the ass for it and people will still be bitching regardless…Because why actually look deeper than our initial split second reaction to something when we can just bitch and piss and moan about it and start whining about culture.

  3. Why are they doing this deal now? I’m amazed that Holmgren is allowed to do this big of a contract at this point of the season? The fact that he is says to me that even if the Flyers are ‘one and done’ in the playoffs, he (and probably Berube too) will be back next year. For more of the same. “Same as it ever was” as Lee’s used to say.

    1. My guess is that McDonald would have been a UFA next offseason, allowing any team to issue an offer sheet and force the Flyers to match the bid. Basically, how we fucked over the Preds with Weber.

      1. The guy lead the league in blocked shots and Good d-men go for a premium. McDonald has settled into his role fantastically and has made luke schenn that much better. You wait til after the season and risk someone coming in and upping the offer. At this point, the Flyers control the process. Its a great deal for a 27 year old in a league where defenseman are at their best from 27-35.

      2. A UFA is an unrestricted free agent. There are no offer sheets. He can do whatever he wants. Youre right tho, he is one and could have left after the season and the flyers would have gotten nothing long term for their pick.

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