Photo credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Missanelli has always been pretty critical of Zac Rinaldo and his style of play (mostly rightfully). So, Rinaldo, as part of what seemed like a media blitz by the Flyers today, called in to defend himself. The result was about as uncomfortable as you would expect.

Some awkward excerpts. You have to appreciate Zac’s dedication to the craft.

I look at that style as a style that puts you in the penalty box and puts your team in a worse spot. So how would you respond to that?

You don’t know nothing, man.


Have you not taken foolish penalties?

This year?

Have you not taken foolish penalties this year?

No sir.

I’ve taken penalties because the refs don’t think my hit’s clean, but if you dissect it, you know I talked to Shanahan the other day, he said, “We look at every single one of your penalties and every single one of your hits, and all your hits are clean. Sometimes the ref disagrees with the way you hit, but the majority of your hits are clean.”


As that play’s unfolding (the headshot), what are you thinking?

What’s that?

As that’s play’s unfolding, where you clipped the guy in the head, what are you thinking?

Have you ever played hockey?

Yeah. But not obviously at your level. But I’ve played hockey.

Oh OK. Then you should know things happen so fast.


How does that change the way you’re going to play the next time?

It doesn’t. I’m gonna hit him harder. I’m gonna hit him in the shoulder.

But in the playoffs… maybe you got to think twice about something like that. 

No, I’m just going to hit him harder and put it on his shoulder.

Taking penalties in the playoffs is not a good thing.

Who’s taking penalties? I’m not taking penalties.

OK then. Audio here.