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Obviously, as a 13 seed in the WIP Region, Ray Didinger was seeded too low. The committee regrets the error. Perhaps he didn’t even belong in the radio bracket. Doesn’t matter. He would’ve won if he was in the outer space bracket. His stiffest competition came in the second round from his partner and friend, Glen Macnow. En route to his victory, Diddy beat Michael Barkann, Macnow, Angelo Cataldi, Al Morganti, Harry Mayes and Amy Fadool. That’s an impressive run through local sports luminaries, and it goes to show just how well-liked and respected Didinger is in Philadelphia.

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One of Didinger’s competitors in the field told me: “I dare you to give me someone who earns more respect and affection and is disliked by NO ONE. The only way Ray loses is if someone stuffs the ballot because Ray, bless his heart, never would and is probably not even aware of your contest.”

There’s probably not a better way to put it. I’ve been told that Didinger had to basically be forced to get a cell phone, which he apparently doesn’t even use, or uses minimally. Before a Great Sports Debate taping last year, he asked me if I had some sort of device to fact-check something for him before he went on. He seemed genuinely astonished when I whipped out an iPad and an iPhone. Like I was some sort of monster from the future. That sort of old-school mentality doesn’t work for most, but, with Ray, it’s an endearing quality. He is your 2014 Philadelphia Sports Media Field of 64 champion, and for that we congratulate him.

Now… someone just needs to tell him about it.