Craig Berube’s Game 2 Game Plan: DO THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF GAME 1

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Or so he says.

As we’ve mentioned a few times, Craig Berube’s Game 1 strategy was a wait-and-see, dump-and-chase approach. He instructed his forwards – specifically the Orange and Black Line – to dump the puck in Ryan McDonagh’s general direction, take him off of it, and then try to score while he licks his wounds. It worked. Once. And then there was a whole lot of nothing.

So what to do for Game 2? The exact opposite, apparently. Berube told reporters today that the Flyers will try to skate the puck into the zone and rely on fewer dump-ins.

But will they really? Now we’re getting into head game territory. The Flyers are well aware that it is quite difficult to gain the blue line carrying the puck against Rangers defenders. So why would they try? And why would they tell the Rangers they’re doing it? I call BS. And I still stick by my street hockey philosophy to beat a stingy defenseman– taking a slap shot at his face.

Also: Steve Mason practiced today. So… that’s looking good for Sunday. But the problem isn’t defense and goaltending against the Rangers. It’s biscuitizing the basket.


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  1. “Flyers in 6”

    Kyle proving once again that he doesn’t actually watch hockey.

    1. Don’t worry, for the games in Philly they will play the tired old Kate Smith nonsense, then the Flyers will surely win! Hahahahahahahahaha!

      Freakin’ a-holes still living in the 1970s!

      1. As much as I hate to agree with you, this team is so stuck in the Broad-Street-Bullies-Flyer-Way-Bring-Out-The-Kate-Smith-Video bullshit that the Or-Gin-Eye-Zaa-Shun needs a complete overhaul, starting with “Mr. Snider” going the fuck away and taking all his former players with him.


  2. Ready for a Rangers sweep and the Rangers fans taking over your building for Games 3 and 4? It’s expensive to live in the greatest city in the world! That’s why Philadelphia is the 6th borough for NYC. Philadelphia needs New Yorkers to class up and civilize your city.

    A ton of cheap tickets available for Games 3 and 4. Get ready to hear Let’s Go Rangers all game long!


    1. Philly is already home to many wannabe New Yorkers. It’s only right that NY should be in charge.

  3. this Flyers team really doesn’t have the defense to win this year. I’m not sure why people think they did.

  4. Rangers in 5. Kills me to say that

    1. Welcome aboard! Only 2999 Flyers fans left to convert.

  5. The main problem is getting the puck out of our defensive zone. The Rags forecheck was all over us such that when we finally did get control, we had to dump the puck in just to get tired guys off the ice.

  6. He’s NOT bluffing.

    15 total shots on goal in the entire game & only ONE in the 3rd period???

    That’s a recipe for getting swept. Sitting back & just dumping the puck into the zone ain’t gonna cut it against the Rangers.

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