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The Redskins are one of the few teams holding early official team workouts, which began today. As one of the teams with a new coach, they’re allowed to hold their Phase 1 workout program about two weeks early. No big deal. It’s not mandatory (most players, including RGIII, are there, however) and it’s basically a routine workout session where coaches can’t even be present for the on-field portion. But. But being the new guy on the team, trying to repair a rightfully or wrongfully destroyed image, it would probably be in DeSean Jaccson’s and the team’s best interest if he, you know, showed up.

That report would be correct, since DeSean’s Instagram (the source of everything– herr meh, DC bloggers ??) places him either on a private island or at a car show in California (but pretty sure it’s the private island):


I am so excited for the DeSean Jaccson era in D.C. So excited. We already have Redskins greats like Mark Rypien coming out of the woodwork saying that DeSean has to step up and represent the storied number 11 for the Skins:

“That number is huge,” he said. “That’s my number. That number signified something. It signified being a Redskin, being a true team player. I’m going to hold you accountable for that number. I’m excited he’s here, but he’s also wearing my number. I hope he keeps it to a high standard.”

Since Rypien wore it, No. 11 has signified Casey Weldon, Patrick Ramsey, Mike Espy, Devin Thomas and Aldrick Robinson. And Rypien’s higher standard? It’s really high. [Super Bowl.]

Wonder what the private island signifies?