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Expectedly, the DeSean Jaccson-Stephen A. Smith interview on ESPN was mostly a farce.

Here are the bullet points:

DeSean has a great PR person who dressed him nicely.

Stephen A. Smith was his typical caricature.

Stephen A. Smith screamed a lot.

Stephen A. Smith implied that the NJ.com article said DeSean was in a gang. It never said that. At all.

DeSean called the NJ.com article “disrespectful.”

DeSean said the conversation with Chip Kelly when he was released was short, over the phone. Chip said the team was going in a different direction. Faux outrage about that, never mind that DeSean was likely in California when he was released:

DeSean said he’s not in a gang, not affiliated with a gang, but has gang friends that he doesn’t hang around “if they’re doing negative things.”

DeSean only hangs out with gang friends when they’re having a positive influence on the community.

Stephen A. Smith never questions this assertion.

DeSean said the gang signs he uses are not gang signs but to show support for the people he grew up with, some of whom are gang members.

DeSean seemed genuinely hurt when he heard that fans thought he wasn’t a team player.

Stephen A. Smith implies that story was leaked by the Eagles to NJ.com (which is wrong). DeSean says he doesn’t believe it was.

The whole thing was a joke.

UPDATE: Here’s a chunk of the interview: