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A few weeks ago, Facebook released a Major League Baseball fandom map based on likes and location data that Mark Zuckerberg stores in a jar and either masturbates to or sells to the NSA. It, the map, was quite accurate, with breakdowns almost by county lines.

Today Facebook released their hockey version of the map… and it’s lacking some detail. Gone are the hyper-local breakdowns. They’ve been replaced with state-by-state breakdowns which fail to take into account that in states like Pennsylvania, where 25% of hockey fans are huge Flyers fans, there are large swaths of Yinzers and mutant mountain people rooting for the most promoted team in the league– the Pittsburgh Penguins. Like, it’s actually offensive to just imply that Pennsylvania is a “Penguins” state. The same way it’s offensive to imply that anyone actually roots for the Lightning.

But shoutout to the Blackhawks fans in Las Vegas who will presumably be switching their gambulatory allegiances to whichever team win the Cup this year.

via Puck Daddy, Business Insider