From our friends at TiqIQ

Despite their Game 2 loss, and a price decline of 16%, Flyers tickets are not exactly a steal for tonight’s game at Wells Fargo. The cheapest ticket for tonight will cost you $154 for a seat in the 12th row of 216A. If you want to get down low in Carcillo-bird flipping range, you’ll have to pay $225 a pop. For only $75 more, you can get into the 4th row. As we all know, this is pretty much do or die, and even if the Flyers don’t pull it out, you’ll get a free orange towel for your time and money. Of course, with Cluade Giroux’s guarantee, the game will likely be a formality to evening up the series. Obviously. Once that happens, Game 6 *will be necessary, and if you want to get the most bang for your playoff buck, that game is about 20% cheaper and $100 bucks get you in. If (when?) the Flyers win tonight’s game, prices will definitely be headed north for Game 6, so it’s not a bad time to be buying. And if there’s no Game 6, you do get a refund on the tickets. So you can shop confidently.

If this is all too expensive for you, you can take solace in the Phillies schedule. For the .500 Phils, $150 is enough for a 10-game package, and lots of warm summer night at CBP.

For now, though, it’s #ClutchTime.  For all your Flyers Playoff tickets, visit Crossing Broad tickets.