From our friends at TiqIQ

After a lackluster Game 5 loss at Madison Square Garden, prices are WAY down for Game 6. The cheapest ticket for Game 4 was $155… the cheapest ticket for Game 6 is half of that. In fact for the same price as the cheapest Game 4 ticket, which was located in row Q of section 216, you can get a ticket in the 10th row tonight.

Without a guarantee from Captain Giroux in Game 6, it looks like Philly fans are weighing in on the side of pessimism, which is leading to the price drop. Both believers and non-believers are encouraged to visit Crossing Broad Tickets to get tickets to what will either be the last game of Round One at Wells Fargo, or the last game of the 2013-14 Flyers Season.

Prices are as of writing this and subject to change