UPDATE: Here’s Donovan McNabb’s Mugshot

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The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office in Arizona has released Donovan McNabb’s mugshot– without an explanation. Yet.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE 1: He was issued a criminal traffic citation in January in that county. May be related to that.

UPDATE 2: TMZ reports it was a DUI arrest:

Law enforcement tells us the mug shot stems from a DUI arrest in January.

We’re told McNabb hashed out a plea deal with prosecutors and was sentenced to 1 day in an Arizona jail.

One law enforcement source tell us McNabb has already served his time … though it’s unclear when that happened.

We’ve made multiple calls to McNabb’s people — so far, no word back.

Weird that it’s released now.


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  1. I’m going out on a limb, but if it’s a DUI I won’t be shocked if num 5 had registration and insurance

    1. #5 was always closing down the bars In philly. It’s going to kill his cheap ass to pay fines and lawyer fees. He should have called uber

  2. He was arrested for being blacc on a Saturday night. That’s a class a felony in the AZ.

  3. What’s best to go with for a mugshot, V-neck t-shirt or crew neck? What’s your vote?

  4. That’s the infamous Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s county! BWAHAHAHAHA! Maybe the sheriff will put Don in some pink clothes and underwear!

  5. He was arrested for impersonating and NFL Quarterback.

    **I CANNOT take credit for this** Saw it as a comment on a different article.

        1. But it is his fault that he thought that corny ass hack joke was so good, we all just HAD to see it.

  6. Good to know kyle follows tmz & deadspin. Or else how would this site ever get content.

      1. Oh i’m sorry i cant be as insightful and witty as you. Sorry if i offended you by pointing out your idol kyle does nothing but copy and paste. Maybe next time you two are at a brew pub drinking an ipa in your hipster gear you can tell him he does a great job. And what exactly are your contributions to this site? what is your shtick? You do the racist post thing or the “this local newsgirl is hot” thing.

  7. it would be fitting to see him in the pink jumpsuit considering he played his whole career in philly wearing pink panties

  8. After 13 seasons of throwing at his receivers feet, it looks like his eyes are permanently trained to look down.

  9. What’s that big TV written behind him? Was he arrested as a tranny? That would be absolutely fucking spectacular.

    By the way can we discuss the rapper who cut off his dick and jumped off a building? Was he a crip or a ck?

  10. He was arrested for pulling over to throw up after a chunky soup binge.He then played bad air guitar, and threw his license 5 yards short and behind to the State Trooper. His Dad claimed black-on-black crime.

    Did I cover everything??

    Number 5 will always love you.

  11. Best qb in franchise history, lead the team throughout the best stretch in our franchises miserable history, not saying he’s not annoying at times, but you’re all fucking idiots.

    Kyle continues to pile on black athletes. Address it loser.

    1. How’d your boy Rollins do today? 0-4, 3 runners left on? He’s a winner.

    2. You’re right, Dunph, this is all Kyle’s fault.

      Don Tollefson is black, too, isn’t he?

  12. Tomorrow is definitely a good day to skip WIP’s morning show – the McNabb hating Cataldi will run this right into the ground and never shut up about it. Of course that could be a good thing since it might stop him yammering about deSean Jackson and Casey Conklin.

    1. Tomorrow will be the best day of the year to listen to Angelo! I love to hear anyone run that pathetic McChoke, McMoron, McAsshole, McJerkoff…etc into the ground right where he belongs! Fuck him! He’s the biggest piece of shit that ever played in the NFL!!!

  13. BTW Angelo, Casey sounds like dozens of young girls I hear at open mic nights – nothing special. She ain’t the next Whitney Houston or Streisand.

  14. Ahh! Ha! Ha! Ha! What a fuckin’ jerk off! The self proclaimed “captain” of the ship while in Philly. Don’t say he was the best qb in franchise history without saying he was the biggest asshole and jerk off in franchise history! He compared himself to Favre & Elway while begging for a job when the Redskins cut him! Are you fuckin’ shittin’ me??? What a loser!!!

  15. Sheriff Joe arrested McNabb because McNabb deemed NASCAR drivers not athletic. Sheriff Joe, being a NASCAR fan, arrested McNabb on the spot. Punishment includes becoming a racist, a Republican, and an chain smoking alcoholic who yells “Yeehaw go Junior!” While beating his wife and kids.

  16. Just heard “Mr. Clean” served a one day sentence for DUI and speeding. Must have been really fucked up because you get released on shit like that the same day. Must be more to it like, do you know who I am? Ha! Ha!

  17. Tsssss tsssss… Mug shot? Why don’t they call it a fuckin glass or cup shot or sumptin’? Tssss Tsssss tssss

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